The number of vehicle accidents involving deer have been rising steadily in recent weeks, and police want to remind drivers to stay on the lookout for the animals.

Lt. Jason Trundy with the Waldo County Sheriff's office said deputies have responded to an increasing number of car-deer crashes, which he said is common for this time of year.

"They're coming in fast and furious," said Trundy. "They have been for the last three or four weeks."

This week alone, deputies responded to a car-deer crash that involved one vehicle Sunday morning, Nov. 3, on Belfast Road in Knox. On Saturday, Nov. 2, accident records at the Waldo County Sheriff's Office showed one deer that leaped out into traffic on Reynolds Road in Thorndike was hit by a driver who was headed south. The same deer reportedly bounced off that vehicle and hit another car that was traveling north.

Neither the drivers nor any of their passengers was hurt in the collisions, but the deer was killed as the result of the crash that occurred on Belfast Road Sunday.

Trundy advised all drivers to remain on the lookout for the fast-moving animals, and to be prepared to stop in the road in case there is more than one animal trying to cross the travel lane.