In a three-way race for two open seats on the Regional School Unit 20 board of directors Tuesday, Nov. 5, Caitlin Hills and Charles Grey garnered enough votes to secure the board openings.

A tally of the unofficial results from Wards 1-5 showed Hills received 784 votes while Grey got 738 votes. The third candidate, Christopher Hyk, got 475 votes.

Both candidates support ideas such as hiring a grant writer to assist the district in getting more funding to support district programs, and preserving programs like art and music.

When speaking with The Republican Journal about his candidacy, Grey said he also wants to bring more collaboration to the board rather than taking a confrontational approach. He said in working together, the board can find solutions better than any one board member or candidate could.

"There is too much 'us and them' on the board," Grey said. "I much prefer to have other ideas feed my own and we can produce something greater than either idea."

When Hills spoke with The Journal, she said she wants to lend a voice to the residents living in the city and in the greater district and help nurture a greater understanding of board processes.

"The board needs to hear more from the public, and be more transparent in their actions," said Hills.

The Belfast City Council has the option of appointing another person to fill the third seat on the board.