Veterans Health Administration and Obamacare

Privacy and confidentiality of medical records are a major concern for all the people I know. My medical records are nobody's business but my own. Who could argue?

I received a notice this week from Veterans Affairs, "Notice of Privacy Practices," intended for veterans receiving health care with the VA. The notice stated: "How the VHA May Use or Disclose Your Health Information without Your Authorization." This is exactly how it is written, the capitalized words are "Words of Art" — certainly not proper English grammar. This gave me great concern and a rise in blood pressure as I realized that my doctor-patient relationship is for the viewing of others in the alphabet. Is this how the government engenders trust for health care practice and coverage?

There are 24 categories listed for disclosure without authorization, consent or notification. Among them are the IRS, NSA, SS or Secret Service, and "Law Enforcement" like the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, DOD and Homeland Security. This notice is effective as of Sept. 23, 2013 signed by Stephania H. Griffin, J.D., VHA Privacy Officer, 810 Vermont Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C. 20420.

The United States' Washington, D. C. government wants the American people to accept the "Obamacare" medical insurance program without question. The U.S. president, an attorney, was seen on TV, apparently lying about the cost and promising American people they would not lose any coverage, yet there are reports of hundreds of thousands of people who have lost coverage throughout the country and the cost has increased — he sounded like an auctioneer selling a "wench" on the "auction block" in Savannah, Ga. in 1859. How can we trust anything that comes from the mouths of attorneys in Washington, D.C.? Who do they represent? Lying and deceit is allowed and revered in international law of war and they apparently do it well.

VA health care is the model for "Obamacare." I can see this. Until this notice came to my mailbox I was satisfied with the medical treatment I have received from the VA, but now that my records are apparently no longer confidential I have more stress and discontent. Who needs this aggravation? I have asked Mister Representative Michael Michaud to help and I pray he does. I advise caveat emptor, or buyer beware, at this time.

Attorneys are like beavers, they get in the mainstream and dam it up. How can you tell if an attorney is lying? His lips are moving. Attorneys sometimes tell the truth, they'll do anything to win a case.

Patrick Quinn


Taken as Fools

As a people we have accepted a lot. But there’s one thing we can’t accept and that is being treated as fools. When a president looks us in the eye and tells we can keep our doctor while he knows full well that his plan forbids it, he treated us as fools. When a President looks us in the eye and promises us that we will pay two thousand dollars less a year on insurance when he knew full well that providing free insurance for thirty million new people would actually increase our insurance costs he treated us as fools again. When the president looked you and me and everyone we know squarely in the eye and told us that we can keep our insurance plan he was lying to us, all of us, deliberately. And his Democrat allies in the press and in our neighborhoods repeated his lies over and over and over.

It makes me sick and ashamed that such a farce could be perpetrated on an honest and hard-working people. Our countries image and standing in the world has been badly damaged. It will be made whole again, but not quickly and not by Democrats.

David Huck


Eric Harvey Tick Me Off 5K

Sunday Oct. 27 marked the inaugural Eric Harvey Tick Me Off 5K road race. Our close friends Tara Wagner and Amanda Larrabee Witherington put this whole event together. These girls worked day and night for months putting all the details together. Eric and I would like to thank their families first and foremost for their support while their loved ones were away. We had more than 300 people at this race. Children, babies, seniors and adults of all ages participated. Eric and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for taking your valuable family time to come and join us for the race. We would also like to thank all our sponsors, whose names appear on the back of our 5K T-shirts. Without these sponsors and volunteers, this race would not have been as successful. Eric, my two children and I were truly touched by the events of that day, and we will never forget that feeling. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Maura Salvatore Harvey, with Eric, Chloe and Josie Harvey.