Call it beginner's luck. Call it being in the right place at the right time. Even call it fate. But also describe it for what it is worth: namely, being ready and able to act when the situation called for it.

How else does one explain how a young woman shot a prized buck only 10 minutes into her first "official" deer hunt?

Well, that is what happened to Stephanie Angelico, 20, of Warren on the first day of hunting Saturday, Nov. 2.

But, wait, the story gets better. Angelico finished her hunter safety course in October and only bought her deer hunting license on Friday, Nov. 1 — the day before the hunt.

And, a short time into her first real hunt, Angelico downed a 238-pound, 13-point buck.

This after she woke up Saturday morning with no bullets for the gun she was about to use. So, she went to Walmart to buy bullets and an an orange sweatshirt to wear on the hunt.

Do you think there are envious deer hunters reading this story wanting to take Angelico out on a hunt so that perhaps some of her "luck" or "karma" rubs off on them? Surely.

"My boyfriend, Caleb Packard, and I went to his dad's house in Waldoboro and hung around a bit," she said. "Once we all got ready to go, Nate, my boyfriend's dad, set me in a spot [in the woods] and left me. I was there about 10 minutes and [heard] something coming through the woods across from me. As the sound got closer and I could see the deer trotting along, I waited to get a clear shot of it. I saw the antlers and fired. I shot it right though the heart, but it didn't stop so I shot It again [and] got it in the leg and dropped it dead in its tracks right there.

"I called Nate over and told him I got one and that was it. He freaked. I shot [the deer] with a 30/30 open sight I [had] never shot before in my life. They all told me it was beginner's luck. But, it [may be] the first but it's definitely not going to be the last deer I shoot."

The 2011 Medomak Valley High School graduate tagged the deer at Warren True Value, perhaps the biggest deer tagged at that spot that day. Angelico would not, however, reveal exactly where she shot her prized deer.

"When I saw the deer fully [in the woods] my heart was pounding, but that didn't stop me from shooting," she said of her thoughts during the hunt. "After [the deer] was down and Nate came along to check on me that's when it all really sank in. Once I showed him I got it, I've never felt so proud and excited."

Angelico said the only gun she had shot before Saturday's hunt was a .22 and one time a 12-gauge shotgun.

"I never grew up around hunting," she said. "But four years ago when I got with my boyfriend, Caleb, he's the one who really got me interested in it. I was always just a tag along [when going hunting] so this year I wanted to able to actually be involved. My dad [Jeff Angelico] always took me fishing when I was a kid. During the summer you have a hard time getting me off the lake."

Now, undoubtedly, people will have trouble getting Angelico out of the woods during deer hunting season.