Yes, things come back to me all the time now.

what you must understand is,

when I say memories, what I

mean is, like a huge-eyed beast,

it rises up out of a swamp of darkness—

suddenly alive, a gold chord struck too soon—

to stare before you with burning gaze,


-Jacob Fricke

Light Music for Dance and Ruin

now that our lives are the remains of broken stone,

come, give me your hand and let us rise to dance,

for I have been faithless, and you, too wavering;

we have tried too hard, and the box is empty.

late day fills the room and white walls remain,

a million bright sparks from a great extinguishing.

the curve of our arms will not be gone.

and every clock in every room stands unerringly precise.

look at me again; let us face the last fact.

Yes, your curls speak volumes, left better unsaid,

and blue eyes are cold steel on a day gold as this.

rise now, give me the small of your back, and a little elegance;

let us sway in the twilight; there is nothing else to do,

-Jacob Fricke

Belfast resident Jacob Fricke, born and raised in the Midcoast, is one of the crown jewels of the local poetry assemblage. A past Belfast Poet Laureate, he served conspicuously from 2010-2012. He was on the steering committee of the recent and hugely successful ninth annual Belfast Poetry Festival. His book, This Book of Poems You Found, Illuminated Sea Press 2010, is highly recommended. You can find it in all Belfast bookstores and on Amazon, as well as in Hello Hello Books in Rockland where, most days, you'd likely find him tending the store. He performs his poetry with the electronica fusion ensemble, Algorithm.

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