Fifth graders from the Captain Albert Stevens Elementary School applied lessons learned in math, reading and science in a hands-on way Tuesday, Nov. 5, with students at Waldo County Technical Center serving as their tour guides.

CASS Guidance Counselor Cynthia Martell said the fifth graders' visit to the technical center followed the students' recent studies about various careers.

Martell said she hopes the trip to WCTC and the time spent with the high school students enrolled in the schools programs will give the younger children a better appreciation for the work they do in their classrooms each day.

"It's sort of more fun to take this to the next level," said Martell. "…We really want to show them that they need things like math, reading and science."

Fifth graders who visited the computer careers program learned about how a set of Legos can become a robot with a computer and a little technological savvy on the part of the high school students programming the mini machines. Lessons on basic knowledge about the components that make computers run properly were part of the classroom tour, as well as a brief discussion about programming video games.

Alex Kimball, a junior at Mount View High School, spent some time speaking with the youths about how to take apart a desktop and a laptop computer that were each in need of repair.

Kimball said he enjoyed sharing the knowledge he's gained at WCTC with younger children who may someday be joining him in his field of choice.

"It's nice to know they want to come out here and look at this kind of stuff," he said. "Hopefully they'll come back when they're older."

When it was time for the fifth graders to return to their own school, it was apparent the younger children really liked the time they spent at WCTC too.

"This was awesome," said one young man as he gathered with his classmates. "I so want to do this."