A Morrill man was not injured when his car drifted off the side of Shepard Road in Belfast during the early morning hours of Wednesday, Nov. 13, but police say he may face criminal charges in connection with the accident.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said 26-year-old Matthew Walker first drew the attention of a passerby when he spotted a man who was later identified as Walker "crawling out of a ditch."

Cunningham said the passerby then noticed the damaged vehicle and called police to report the accident.

"He kept [Walker] in his car where it was warm until the officers arrived," Cunningham said.

When police arrived, Cunningham said they found "a few beer cans" inside the vehicle.

Walker was transported to Waldo County General Hospital by ambulance, where medical staff completed a blood alcohol test kit. The results of the test were still pending Thursday.

Cunningham said the crash remains under investigation and that Walker could face charges as a result of the accident.

Cunnigham said an investigation of the crash scene showed Walker's 2007 GMC Sierra drifted off the road and into the ditch, where it continued traveling for about 75 feet before coming to rest after striking some trees.

"There were no brake marks or skid marks at the scene," said Cunningham, noting Walker likely fell asleep at the wheel in the moments leading up to the crash.