The Belfast peewee football season has concluded with several recent games.

The final week of games began Oct. 29 in a contest played under the lights at Belfast Area High School as the Vikings and Dolphins squared off in a defensive battle.

In the first quarter, Dolphin Jack Hansen had a 40-yard punt return. On the next play Wilder Magruder was sacked in the backfield by Viking Donovin Armstrong. Viking Isaac Bernosky, Elliott Anderson and Dylan Abbott joined forces to hold the Dolphins from scoring as the stanza ended.

In the 20-minute second quarter for the younger players, Dolphins Tommy Walker, Ryan Peavey and Cole Martin combined to move the ball to midfield before Martin had a 50-yard touchdown and the extra-point attempt came from Peavey. Viking Hunter Maresh had a 65-yard kick return and was tackled on the 5-yard line by Tanner Veilleux. Xavier Allen had a 5-yard TD which was called back due to a holding penalty. The Dolphins defense then held the Vikings short of the score.

The Dolphins moved the ball as quarterback Walker had a 40-yard TD. The Vikings started at their 30-yard line and quarterback Sammy Dakin, Levi Farrell, Maresh and Allen combined for 35 yards but the team was unable to score. Dolphins Ethan Porter, Veilleux and Martin combined to set up Walker for a TD. The extra-point attempt was made by Porter. The final score of the quarter for the Dolphins came thanks to Veilleux, Martin and Walker as the TD went to Veilleux. The Dolphins led 28-0 at the break.

The third and fourth quarters proved to be defensive battles. With two minutes left in the game, the Viking defense stopped the Dolphins at the 50-yard line and took over on downs. With carries by Vikings Anderson, Abbott and Bernosky, the Vikings moved the ball to the 5-yard line, when Grady Doolan scored as the clock ran out. The Dolphins won 28-6.

The Nov. 3 game between the Vikings and Chiefs was played at Troy Howard Middle School. The first, third and fourth quarters were defensive battles with no scoring. In the younger players' quarter, Chiefs Kaden Bonin and quarterback Gavin Young took turns moving the ball down the field as Bonin converted a 25-yard TD. Late in the quarter, Bonin and Young struck again as Young had a 45-yard score and Bonin the extra-point attempt. The game ended as the Chiefs won 14-0.

In the final game of year Nov. 5, under the lights at the high school, the Dolphins and Chiefs battled in a younger players-only game. In the first quarter Chief Matt LeBlanc stopped quarterback Tommy Walker 10 yards short of the end zone. Then Chiefs quarterback Young and Kaden Bonin combined for 30 yards but were stopped by Dolphins Calvin Sheldon, Jamie Cole, Lucas Walker and Tanner Veilleux and the Dolphins took over on downs as the quarter ended.

In the second stanza, Dolphin quarterback Walker was sacked by Malechi Saucier and Cody Reynolds for 5-yard loss. Dolphin Robert Hicock had 20-yard gain and Walker carried the ball to the 9-yard line before he was taken down by Chiefs Amos Spillane and Dustin Hall to end the quarter with no score.

In the third stanza, Walker broke away for a 60-yard TD and the extra-point attempt came from Veilleux. The Dolphins struck again in the fourth quarter as Walker, Cole Martin and Veilleux moved the ball to the Chiefs' 25 as Walker scored. The Dolphins won the game.

Mike Rolerson, Mike Rolerson Jr., Paul Dyer, Zach Collier, Will Mossing, Amy Dyer-Kelley and Charles Barfield served as referees for games. The scorekeeper was Amos Blood and concession cook Eric Kelley. There were many other volunteers for games.

Margo Dyer provides information for these reports