End the War on Drugs

The Republican Journal editorial last week about the cannabis ordinance in Portland was encouraging. Cannabis is merely an edible vegetable plant made by nature, nothing more, contrary to the propaganda spouting from the mucous membranes of prohibitionists, who have a monetary stake in the discussion, and a thriving commercial venture I might add. Monopolizing the marketplace by thwarting the competition using the government is the American way of business capitalism, and prohibitionists are good at their business. Like big ""Pharmacy" stole the "Farmacie," — synthetic versus organic — guess who lost?

The law enforcement industry has made a tremendous amount of money attacking people who grow and eat this plant. These are peaceful people and are easy prey, much easier than going after hard criminals. "It’s nice work if you can get it." Maine National Guard helicopters have been used expensively and extensively over the past 30 years searching for a "weed." They loved it, as they looked into people’s homes like peeping Toms and made a bundle in flight pay. I have witnessed this many times.

The War on Drugs is a fraud and a failure, this is evident. I know people from every realm of society who use this plant "in the closet". We have many real threats in this world and cannabis vegetable is not one of them.

I don't understand why the cannabis ordinance in Portland is not valid? It sure looks legal to me. I mean, for comparison, the State has recently permitted fireworks in the entire state of Maine but many communities have objected and have passed ordinance disallowing the use and sale of fireworks, and the police uphold the ordinance. Is this reasonable? Why is it than that this Portland cannabis ordinance, contrary to State law, is not to be upheld by law enforcement? Why is this selective? Do we have "home rule" in this republic or not? Who's the boss?

The "adolescent" war on drugs is a welfare program for courts, cops, corrections and attorneys — the Drug War Industrial Complex. Without the war, the jails would be half-full and law enforcement people would lose their lucrative jobs, kickbacks and forfeitures — no more fancy cars. Our society would be safer without war and the "black market," crime would plummet and our children would be safer. Acceptance and regulation would be more responsible. If only we could find some "adults," we could end prohibition and prosper. We could end the madness.

Waldo County could become a much saner society if we ended the war, as war is not the answer. It would be so fine if law enforcement was seen as a friend, the way it was when I was younger before the war on drugs, instead of being viewed as the enemy by so many people. If only people could learn to tolerate each other and live together in peace. Let Belfast, as the capital of the county, initiate an ordinance to end the war on drugs.

Belfast namesake in Ireland ended their difficult war; I think we can also do it. Peace on earth and good will to men and women. Does this ring a bell?

"God works wonders now and then: Behold! A lawyer, an honest man." — Benjamin Franklin.

"A lawyer is a learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies, and keeps it himself." — Lord Brougham

"A judge is a law student who marks his own examination papers." — H. L. Mencken

"A judge is an official who administers justice in a few words but many sentences." — H.L. Mencken

Patrick Quinn