Police say a domestic dispute that started in Belfast ended with a confrontation at a Searsport home and eventual charges for a local man.

Jeremy Richards, 33, of Searsport, was charged with domestic violence terrorizing and assault, charges Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said were the result of a police investigation into the incident, which was reported Sept. 22.

LaHaye said Richards initially encountered the alleged female victim — with whom Richards once had a romantic relationship — while she was out with friends in Belfast on the night of Sept. 21.

"Early the next morning, there was a recurrence," said LaHaye.

LaHaye said a few hours after the initial confrontation between Richards and the alleged victim in Belfast, Richards appeared at a Searsport residence where the alleged victim was visiting with her friends.

Richards allegedly threatened the alleged victim while there, and then the male homeowner went outside and confronted Richards. The two men engaged in a brief scuffle before police arrived, LaHaye said.