Those looking for high school preseason boys and girls basketball action over the weekend were in luck as Searsport District High School hosted a round-robin tournament on Saturday, Nov. 23, an event that featured six teams from three schools.

The Vikings hosted Vinalhaven and Jonesport-Beals Saturday. The tourney started at 9 a.m. and featured a six-game slate.

The Searsport boys went 2-0 on the day as they picked up a 61-34 win over Vinalhaven and edged Jonesport-Beals 44-41.

The Searsport girls also were victorious in both contests as the hosts bested Vinalhaven 34-11 and defeated Jonesport-Beals 55-31.

The Jonesport-Beals boys also defeated Vinalhaven 40-37, while the Vinalhaven girls defeated Jonesport-Beals (score unavailable).

Click for photos from the Vinalhaven and Searsport girls game.

Click for photos from the Vinalhaven and Searsport boys game.

Players for the four participating Midcoast squads were:

Searsport boys — Kyle Moore, Troy Reynolds, Brayden Perkins, Jay Buckard, Barrett Grant, Isaiah Mentas, Alex Woodward, Jacob Powell, Mitchell Philbrook, Cody Parks and Bryce Shorey.

Searsport girls — Ida Eriksson, Kelli Gibbs, Allison Walker, Libby Lane, Alicen Brooks, Kaitlyn Shute, Briana Grant, Paige Ireland, Brittany Ward, Chelsey Gibbs, Karigen Coffin, Jaci Harriman, Anna Bucklin, Melinda Ogden and Brianna Boyle.

Vinalhaven boys — Everett Webster, Adam Young, Owen Bineau-Williams, Tyson Goyette, Hunter Smith, Doug Day, Cody Hamilton, Cole Mills, Liam Thomas, Lewis Cray, Noah Slivinsky, Max Stanley and Josey Doughty.

Vinalhaven girls — Ashley Hamilton, Ellie Reidy, Ryann Warren, Bethany Candage, Taylor Littlefield, Virginia Wadleigh, Andrea Shane, Sarah James, Ashley Davis-Oakes, Bailey Wadleigh, Hannah Ames, Hannah Noyes and Skyler Sanborn.