The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Nov. 13 and Nov. 25.


Belfast Area Cohousing LLC to Kiril Lozanov and Sarah Lozanov.

MacLeod Onie M. Est. to Carol Ginandes Revocable Living Trust.

Darolyn L. Shute and Darlene A. Cowan to Whitecap Builders.

V.J. Dobias Trust and Stevenson Realty Trust to Nester Family Properties LLC.

Lissa S. Widoff to Louise Alice Seeger and Nicholas Seeger.

Florence W. Cook to Florence W. Cook.

Joan Smith to Toby Smischny and Jason L. Bucklin.

Belfast Area Cohousing to Jane Morgan.


Gerard R. Watson to Bridgit T. Watson and Bridgit P. Sweeney.

Logan L. Harriman to Cathy S. Harriman.

Cathy E. Brown and Lewis H. Brown Jr to Cathy E. Brown.


Cari Anne Higgins and Michael R. Higgins Jr to John H. Cashman.

Beverly A. Harrigan to Terri A. Belcher and Susan C. Littlefield.

Mary Moore and Edward Moore Jr. to Bank of America NA.

Bank of America NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Arthur B. Humphrey to Anders Crosby.


Dorothy Sherree Donald and Thomas M. Donald Jr. to John B. McAlpine and Scott A. Boulette.

Linda A.W. Feery to Alfred V. Feery.


Geraldine Buffington to Richard C. Tripp.

Ricard C. Tripp to Geraldine Buffington.

Richard C. Tripp to Nicholas A. Dakin and Jami L. Dakin.

EH Pooled 712 LP to Sean Davis.

Lois L. Garner TR to Sara Trask.

Ronald Gray Jr. to Ronald Gray Jr., Susan E. Gray, and Susan E. Feero.

Floyd Feero to Susan E. Feero.


Elsie U. McDonald Trust to Douglas G. Brown.

Douglas G. Brown to Maurice E. Turner Sr.


Keith L. Pendleton, Tina L. Pendleton and AFC Trust Series 1999-4 to AFC Trust Series 1999-4.

AFC Trust Series 1999-4 to Jay T. Zlotkowski.

Evelyn Davis G. Est. to Didavi Megan Claire Evelyn.

Robert H. Bower TR to Richard T. Collier.


Damariscotta Bank and Trust Co to Eric C. Bryant.


Karen E. Diamond to William G. Lefurgy Sr.

Hunter Webber to Kaitlyn Webber.


Anthony N. Reece and Philip P Sanchez to Josephine Patterson and Timothy Clark.

David J. Perkins and Heidi G. Perkins to Caitlin Loureiro and Scott Sonia.

Eloise B. Elwell and Jeremy E. Glasier to Mercedes Tremblay and Michael Tremblay Jr.

Judith R. Walker to Judith Walker 2013 Trust.

Kristina M. Panayatoff to Agnes G. Harvey and Randall W. Harvey.

Thomas Peter Nolan and Zora B. Nolan to Mary R. Pilote and Raymond H. Swan.

James J. Nolan and Beverly L. Nolan to Lorinda N. Boyd and Bradley W. Boyd.


Edward G. Wood and Sharman Wood to Pilgrim Home Cemetary.

Angela A. Baldwin, Nicholas E. Demerchant and Angela Demerchant to Pilgrim Home Cemetary.

Peter M. Cormier and Beth A. Cormier to Sean James.

William L. Kelley to Kimberlee K. Barriere and Richard Barriere Jr.


Bill Sayre and William B. Sayre to to Cynthia A.B. Schofield and Raymond J. Schofield Jr.

Rocco A. Taddeo and Lucille Taddeo to Heidi Garrey and Raymond Garrey.

State Sand And Gravel to Rachel Grabowski and Mark Grabowski.


James F. Bradeen and Joanna S. Bradeen to Ashlee K. Eikelbloom.

Margaret E. Littlefield, Margaret Elaine Littlefield and Hugh C. Littlefield to Albert D. Baker.

Robert C. Merrideth to Elizabeth A. Winslow, Robert M. Winslow and Kevin A. Winslow.


J R Stager Living Trust to Irina Potopova Stager Trust.

Eleanor D. Lagner, Sandra Jean Hall, Dean R. Lagner, and Richard M. Lagner to Sandra Jean Hall.


Virginia W. Wellman and Virginia D. Wellman to Lindsey E. Pottle.

Lindsey E. Pottle to Virginia D. Wellman.

Elizabeth A. Oleary and Christopher H. Oleary to Mary I. Haskell and Anita M. Nored.

Marie E. Doyle to Virginia Stanley and Walter Chiappini.

Rebecca J. Lamey, Marla A Stickle, and Maggie A. Stickle to Amy M. Hayes and Lindsey Cotter.

Brenda A.L. Simonsen to Scott Pallotta and Sandra L. Pallotta.


Deborah T. Costigan and Joseph S. Costigan to Barbara J. Baker and Jeffrey S. Baker.

Andrew W. Schoening to Stephen E. Larrabee.

Daniel H. Fairbrother and Daniel Fairbrother to Mary E. Brown.


Richard W. Bock to Kara R. Robeson and Jason M. Robeson.

Adrienne Tonner and Robert W. Tonner to Michele P. Tonner and Erik S. Tonner.

Emma L. Beaudry and Joseph M. Cellamare to David Clarke.


Town of Searsport to Virgil O'Brien.

William Wiley to Colleen E. Wiley.

Scott A. Harvey, Sherri Harvey, and Cwalt Inc to Cwalt Inc.

Cwalt inc. to Michelle Lee Ridley and Mark Russell Skinner.

Norman F. Stanley Jr. Est to Donna E. Stanley, Heidi L. Stanley, and Mark E. Stanley.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Gary O. Annis.

Victor L. Brooks and Lorraine L. Brooks to Edward P. Sikorski.


Edward C. Nurre and Deborah L. Nurre to Diane L. Tinsman and Richard E. Tinsman.

James G. Hatch to Larry D. Lagassie.

Marilyn A. Merrithew to Raymond Hutchinson.

Marjorie C. Hutchings to Lindsey N. Hutchings.

Judy C. Carreras and Kenneth Carreras to Carreras Family Trust.


Frank Travers to Caitlin G. Gale.

Benjamin Elliot to E D Bessey & Son.

James C. Deane and Elizabeth C. Deane to Logan E. Perkins, Benjamin Marriner Pratt, Jane Hammett Pratt, and Bruce E. Pratt.


Dawn Logiodice, Kathleen Logiodice, Roseann Logiodice, William Logiodice, Veronica Pisano Logiodice, and Peter P. Logiodice III to Peter P. Logiodice III, Peter P. Logiodice IV, and Laurie Logiodice.

Peter P. Logiodice Jr to Laurie Logiodice, Peter P. Logiodice III, and Peter P. Logiodice IV.

Anna Seitz Hickey and William P. Hickey Jr to Douglas N. Smith.

Edward J. Reynolds and Joseph E. Reynolds to Camille M. Brodek and Gregory A. Brodek.

Dean M. Harvey, Linda D. Gilmore, and Linda D. Harvey to Linda D. Harvey and Dean M. Harvey.

Clair H. Lewis Living Trust and Clair H. Lewis Jr. Administrative Trust to Allen J. Steele.


Eugene H. White Living Trust to Bible Baptist Church of Maine.

Tammy Creasey and Tammy M. Knowlton to Barry A. McCormick and Vera E. McCormick.

Alan Hunter to Leroy G. Hunter.


Stuart Sherburne and Katharine Sherburne to Dean Arnold and Shelley M. Arnold.

Kevin M. White, Terrie E. White, and Maine Federal Credit Union to Maine Federal Credit Union.

Claude C. Giroux to Teresa Sutherland.

Scheyder Associates Properties LLC. to Full Sail Properties.