Many Busline League basketball teams played their final games through November following contests on Monday, Nov. 25 and are preparing for the Thanksgiving break.

Large school division teams wrapped up play Monday, though small school squads have games scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

Click for photos from the Searsport at Medomak 8th-grade boys game.

Click for photos from the Searsport at Medomak 8th-grade girls game.

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Large school division standings through Nov. 25 include:

Seventh-grade girls — Boothbay 4-0, Oceanside West Blue 3-1, Oceanside West White 3-1, Camden-Rockport 1-1, Great Salt Bay 1-2, Troy Howard 1-3, Medomak 0-2, Wiscasset 0-3.

Seventh-grade boys — Oceanside West Blue 3-1, Camden-Rockport 2-0, Boothbay 2-2, Oceanside White 2-2, Troy Howard 2-2, Medomak 1-1, Great Salt Bay 1-2, Wiscasset 0-3.

Eighth-grade girls — Boothbay 3-0, Searsport 3-0, Oceanside West Blue 2-0, Camden-Rockport 2-1, Great Salt Bay 2-1, Oceanside West White 1-2, Medomak 0-3, Wiscasset 0-3, Troy Howard 0-3.

Eighth-grade boys — Troy Howard 4-0, Bristol 3-1, Oceanside West White 3-1, Boothbay 2-1, Camden-Rockport 2-1, Medomak 2-1, Wiscasset 1-3, Searsport 0-3, Great Salt Bay 0-3, Oceanside West Blue 0-3.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Boys basketball

Woolwich 48, Appleton 24

At Woolwich Nov. 27, the hosts doubled up the visitors in the battle of the Wildcats. Woolwich led 20-9, 28-15 and 38-22 at the quarter breaks.

Ethan Ford netted 15 points for Appleton, while Cooper Twitchell added four; Caleb Boyington, three; and Cole Corey, two.

For Woolwich, Arius Eich scored 16 points, while Trevor Santiago added 12; James LaCavera, 10; Kaleb Jackson, four; and Joshua Doughty, Bradley Drake and Jacob True, all two.

Oceanside White 51, Great Salt Bay 32

At Thomaston Nov. 25, the Mariners outscored the Cougars 24-8 in the second quarter and never looked back en route to the win. The teams were tied 12-12 after the first quarter, but the hosts took a 36-20 edge at halftime and a 40-27 cushion after three quarters.

Ruben Martinez scored 30 points to lead the Mariners, while Hunter Davis added 11 and John Curtin, Jack Freeman, Anthony Moore, Sam King and Trevor Lawry, all two.

For Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, Kryden Leeman netted 14 points, while Jon Pinkham added seven; Andrew Greenleaf, five; and Jake Maker, Alex Murray and Owen Soohey, all two.

The hosts were 10-of-16 (63 percent) from the charity stripe, while the visitors were 6-of-23 (26 percent).

Medomak 8th 55, Searsport 45

At Waldoboro Nov. 25, the Riverhawks distanced themselves from the Vikings in the second half and soared to a 10-point win. The teams were tied 13-13 after the first quarter, while the hosts took a 30-24 lead at the half and a 46-34 edge after three quarters.

Colin Fournier netted 19 points for the winners, while Brent Stewart added 11; Ben Dever and Alex Goldrup, both seven; Wyatt Post, five; Andrew Campbell, four; and Brett Collamore and Jonathan Luce, both one.

For Searsport, Liam MacMillan scored 15 points, while Connor Kneeland added 12; Ben Powell, eight; George Dakin and Devan Bean, both three; and Charlie Spiegel and Harold Merithew, both two.

The 'Hawks were 7-of-17 (41 percent) from the foul line, while the Vikings were 2-of-12 (16 percent).

Camden-Rockport 8th 68, Wiscasset 56

At Camden Nov. 25, the Schooners bested the visiting Warriors by 12 points. CRMS led 10-0 early in the game, took a 27-24 lead at halftime and a 42-36 cushion after three quarters.

"It was a great team win for us,” said Schooner coach Ian MacKenzie. “Each of our players was able to come in and contribute either offensively or defensively. We still have a lot of things to work on, but there are many positives coming out of this game."

Leading the Schooner offense were Lucas Boetsch (30 points) and Noah Heidorn (17 points), while Zach Reed (26 points) and Ronald Drake (16 points) paced Wiscasset.

Camden-Rockport 7th 37, Wiscasset 20

At Wiscasset Nov. 25, the Schooners blanked the Warriors in the first quarter and never looked back en route to the win. CRMS led 11-0, 22-4 and 33-12 at the quarter breaks.

Kerry Sabanty scored 16 points for the visitors, while Wyatt Johnson added 12; Jack Hanson, five; and Charlie O'Brien, Jon Heath and Spencer Johndro, all two.

For Wiscasset, Josh Gabriele scored eight points, while Matt Chapman and Noah Haggett each scored four and C.J. Loyola and Billy Pinkham both two.

The Schooners were 3-of-13 (23 percent) from the foul line, while the Warriors did not attempt a free throw.

Troy Howard 8th 56, Boothbay 50

At Belfast Nov. 25, the Lions roared to a six-point win over the Wildcats. Boothbay led 14-12 after the first quarter and 25-24 at halftime, while Troy Howard led 36-32 after three quarters.

Sam Goguen scored 20 points for the hosts, while Tyler Bartlett added 14; Stan Sturgis and Ricky Smith, both nine; and Dakota Doolan, Aaron Fuller and Trey Reed, all two.

The Lions were 6-of-14 (43 percent) from the foul line, while the Wildcats were 8-of-18 (44 percent).

Islesboro 70, Appleton 51

At Appleton Nov. 25, the Wildcats could not contain the Eagles and fell by 19 points. Islesboro led 14-10, 33-29 and 52-41 at the quarter breaks.

Ethan Ford poured in 21 points for the hosts, while Cooper Twitchell tallied 14; Cole Corey, seven; and Dakota Dean, four.

Full names for Islesboro were unavailable.

Troy Howard 8th 40, Bristol 36

At Belfast Nov. 22, the Lions held the visitors at bay throughout the game and prevailed by four points. Troy Howard led 13-7, 22-13 and 32-24 at the quarter breaks.

Stan Sturgis collected 22 points for Troy Howard, while Sam Goguen added six; Tyler Bartlett, five; Ricky Smith, three; and Skyler Perkins and Aaron Fuller, both two.

For Bristol, Taylor Holmer netted 15 points, while Nathan Masters added eight; Nathan Simmons, seven; and Wesley Colomar, Alan Donadue and Michael Steben, all two.

Troy Howard was 3-of-8 (38 percent) from the foul line, while Bristol netted 2-of-7 (28 percent).

Girls basketball

Searsport 8th 45, Medomak 35

At Waldoboro Nov. 25, the Vikings took a large lead in the first quarter and held of a late Riverhawk run to prevail by 10 points. Searsport led 12-2, 19-18 and 30-24 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby DePatsy led Medomak with 21 points, while Cierra Dyer added eight; Hallie Kunesh, four; and Acadia Calderwood, two.

Mikeala Alley scored 13 points for Searsport, while Hannah Nadeau and Brooklyn Alberts each scored 10; Aubrey Walker, eight; and Kaylee Knowles, four.

The Riverhawks were 3-of-8 (38 percent) from the foul line and the Vikings 5-of-14 (36 percent).

Great Salt Bay 30, Oceanside White 7th 25

At Damariscotta Nov. 25, the Cougars picked up a five-point win over the visiting Mariners. Oceanside White led 7-6 after the first quarter, while Great Salt Bay took a 12-10 lead at the half and a 28-22 cushion after three quarters.

Lauren Miller scored 14 points for the Mariners, while Amelia Spencer added six and Molly Spencer five.

For Great Salt Bay, Evie Margaritis and Kaitlyn Feltis each scored 10 points, while Avery Lowe added six and Madeline York four.

Oceanside White was 10-of-28 (36 percent) from the foul line, while Great Salt Bay was a perfect 5-of-5 (100 percent).

Hope 62, Woolwich 42

At Hope Nov. 25, the Hawks soared to the victory over Wildcats. Hope led 14-8, 29-18 and 51-26 at the quarter breaks.

Leading Hope were Laticia Billings (13 points, 8 assists), Kira Barley (18 points, assist), Nicole Brown (18 points), Kaitlyn Turnbull (6 points), Kesha Lane (5 points) and Frances Ostensen (2 points).

For Woolwich, Tanisha McKenzie tallied 20 points, while Sarah Graves added 14 and Hannah Caid and Delaney Young each four.

The Hawks were 16-of-30 (53 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Wildcats were 0-of-2.

Camden-Rockport 7th 39, Wiscasset 16

At Wiscasset Nov. 25, the Schooners sailed to a convincing win over the host Warriors. CRMS led 8-2, 18-4 and 25-12 at the quarter breaks.

Kassie Krul scored 23 points for Camden-Rockport, while Maddie Holt tallied 12 and Capri Buck and Lauren Rothwell both two.

Shannon James scored eight points for Wiscasset, while Alison Donovan added four and Madison Tilas and Jade Rego both two.

Boothbay 41, Troy Howard 8th 13

At Belfast Nov. 25, the Wildcats jumped to a sizeable lead early and never looked back in a convincing win over the hosts. Boothbay led 22-6, 27-6 and 41-6 at the quarter breaks.

Emma Mehuren scored six points for Troy Howard, while Alison Defeo added five and Macy Gale two.

Paige Brown scored 20 points for Boothbay.

The Wildcats were 4-of-4 (100 percent) from the foul line and the Lions 2-of-2 (100 percent).

Camden-Rockport 8th 33, Wiscasset 29 (2 OTs)

At Camden Nov. 25, the Schooners held on and bested the Warriors in two overtimes. The two teams were tied 4-4 after the first quarter, 12-12 at halftime, 26-26 at the end of regulation and 27-27 at the end of the first overtime. Wiscasset led 16-12 after three quarters.

Audrey Clement scored 13 points for the Schooners, while Malea Russell added 12; Alli Wells, three; Emily Long, Eliza Brown, Sarah Contento and Abby O'Donal, all two; and Katie Heavey, one.

Full names for Wiscasset players were unavailable.

The Schooners were 5-of-25 (20 percent) from the foul line, while the Warriors were 6-of-23 (26 percent).

Searsport 8th 40, Camden-Rockport 30

On Nov. 22, the Vikings beat the Schooners, as SDMS led 15-12, 17-16 and 29-27 at the quarter breaks.

Keying Searsport were Aubrey Walker 14 points; Brooklyn Alberts, seven; Mikeala Alley, six; Ireland and Wells, both four; Hannah Nadeau, three; and Kaylee Knowles, two. The Vikings made 6-of-20 free throws (30 percent).

For CRMS, Audrey Clement tallied 14 points; Abby O'Donal, four; Wells, three; Emily Long, Brown, Sarah Contento and Malea Russell, all two; and Katie Heavey, one. The Schooners were 3-of-4 (75 percent) from the free-throw line.