The Planning Board held two public hearings on proposed businesses in Belfast and voted to approve both applications.

The first was SeaHorse Stables, LLC, which plans to construct a stable that will include an indoor and outdoor riding arena and a single family home on Route 3 near Hayford Lane. The board had previously approved the project, but the applicant made several changes amending their original proposal, which required further approval.

The changes included adding of a new shed structure to contain wood shavings, moving the manure shed closer to the main building and moving the residence behind the parking lot.

City Planner Wayne Marshall said he heard from one neighbor who was concerned about the use of a new access road on the property. The board asked that the access road only be in use until the permanent driveway is constructed.

No one spoke for or against the project during the public hearing.

The board also approved an application to establish an auto-repair and sales business at 165 Belmont Ave. Applicant Karla Flagg said the only change to the property would be to add fill, allowing for a larger area to display vehicles.

Flagg said she and her husband Ken Flagg had operated a similar business, which they recently sold. She told the board the proposed business would be scaled back compared to their previous operation.

The expanded display area will hold up to 12 vehicles, which the board asked be parked in two rows perpendicular to the road.

No one spoke for or against the project during the public hearing.