Police are asking those who live or work in Searsport to refrain from parking on the downtown streets or alongside outlying roads because of the winter parking ban, which took effect Nov. 1.

Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said Monday, Nov. 25, since the area has yet to see any significant snowfall, police will issue initial warnings to drivers found to be in violation of the town's winter parking ordinance.

"Obviously we'll do what's right by the person," he said. "As long as there's no snow we will do what is appropriate."

Police are asking those who live or stay overnight in downtown Searsport to use the municipal parking lot near Tozier's Market this winter, rather than parking on the street or alongside any outlying public roads.

LaHaye said the ban is intended to keep public roads clear for snow removal. According to the ordinance language, drivers who are in violation of the ban risk being ticketed. Offending vehicles may also be subject to towing at the owner's expense, LaHaye said.

Anyone with questions about the parking ban can contact police at 548-2304.