Police say a former canteen manager at the Belfast Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall is out of a job after he allegedly slapped a female employee on the bottom Saturday, Nov. 2, and then fired the woman after she told him not to do it again.

Scott Cilley, 51, of Belfast was summoned on a charge of unlawful sexual touching Friday, Nov. 8, after the woman reported the incident and police investigated the accusation.

"Allegedly he slapped a female on the derriere, an employee," said Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham.

Cunningham said the woman stated in her complaint that she immediately told Cilley not to do it again.

"A couple of hours later, she was fired," said Cunningham.

When police spoke with Cilley, Cunningham said he denied the allegation.

"He said he didn't do it," said Cunningham.

Cilley has since been fired from his position at the VFW Hall, Cunningham said. He is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014.