Local and Legendary: Belfast in the Civil War

Dec. 6, 1861

“Adjutant Gen. Hodsdon has furnished for publication, a complete statement of the number of volunteer troops raised in this State for the service of the government. We have in the field a total of 10,711 officers and men, while those enlisted and ready to go forward swell the number to 15,161.”

"Vice President Hamlin has gone to Washington, – but we don't know as it is of much consequence."

Dec. 7, 1882

“Our city was quiet on Thanksgiving Day. Business was partially suspended and a few enjoyed a sleighride. At 10:30 A. M. religious exercises were held at the North church where a very able sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Ross. .In the evening there was a skating party at Hayford Hall, followed by a dance with music by Sanborn’s orchestra. At Pierce’s Hall there was an exhibition skate by the Pierce sisters, followed by dancing, with music by the Mudgett brothers.”

“Mathews Bros., of this city, have added to their factory a large planer which will smooth a whole door at a time. Heretofore the smoothing of doors has been done by hand. This machine will perform the work of several men.”

“Postmaster Bean has engaged a livery team to bring the mail agent and noon mail from the depot to the post-office as soon as the train arrives, thus ensuring the delivery of the mail from fifteen to twenty minutes earlier than formerly.”

Dec. 7, 1922

"Sheriff Frank A. Littlefield received several complaints regarding unruly conduct of people occupying the upper rooms of the Knowlton block on High street and on Thanksgiving Day searched the rooms. He found a still, a large number of bottles of vanilla and also brew. He carried out the warning he had previously given the occupants and cleaned up the place. Frank L. Bartlett was arrested and when tried Friday before Judge Clyde R. Chapman of the Municipal Court was found guilty of illegal possession of a still, for which he was fine $1000 and costs and 2 months in jail."

Dec. 7, 1978

Coffee League

"Happy-go-lucky Hope Brown was dusting the alleys with her red hot speed balls that exploded the pins like a bomb had struck last week in the Thursday Morning Women's League when she bounded in with a blistering 338 high 3-string total and a bouncing 122 for high single. Genteel Ruthie Littlefield put on her usual grand performance and waltzed in with a nifty 312 to win applause for second high total and tied for second high single 114 with another crackerjack pin knocker, Irene Mehuren."

Playing at the Colonial Cinema with Buck Nite on Mon. & Tue.: – Jack Nicholson in "Goin'' South."