The dangers of chemtrails

"GeoEngineering," "Weather Modification," or "Aerosol Spraying" are United States district government programs for weather modification whereby privately contracted planes inject reflective particles into orbit and spray toxic chemicals into our atmosphere for the patented stated purpose of creating climate change. The chemicals in the chemtrails contain aluminum oxide, strontium 90 which is radioactive, barium metal, manganese and others, all heavy metal reflective elements. This should be of grave concern to everyone, particularly parents and grandparents, and state child protection, because we all end up breathing these elements which are poisonous. Do you see the rainbow in the clouds without the rain?

Autism, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory problems like asthma are on the rise. They are escalating at epidemic levels and we have no answers as to why. What is going on? Is anyone investigating? Is anyone paying attention?

This world has colonies of bees, vital to our food production, dying off without reason; birds mysteriously dying and falling from the sky; fish dying off in large numbers; and hurricanes like Sandy devastating our country. This is most unusual. Our shrimp are in danger and our lobsters are next. This is not good. What are we to do?

We must open our minds and be observant to our surroundings if we are to survive, and I believe time is of the essence. One in two people will have cancer in their lifetime. One in 60 children will have autism. Alzheimer's for the over 50; the list of possibilities for illness is excruciating to consider but we have all witnessed it in our families. The growth is disconcerting. Why does it look like producing illness and then treating it, is the true intent of this government? Is this health care? Or warfare? WMD.

Monsanto Corporation has recently purchased a private contractor, Climate Corporation, for $1 billion. This means that the leader in GMO, genetically modified organisms, will now have precedence over the skies in GeoEngineerining, meaning weather modification or climate change. Is this what we want? Do we want a corporation to determine our future health? I don't think so.

This Saturday after Thanksgiving, which was a wonderful day with my dear family in Searsport, I was driving to see my son with my daughter and wife. We traveled down the coast to Rockport and I watched the sky as we traveled. We left at 11 in the morning and it was a quiet, beautiful clear blue sky, and very cold — the Maine I love. The air was delightful and elegant, crisp and clean; so easy to breathe, a delight to the nostrils. This was the Maine I fell in love with 40 years ago, truly a breath of fresh air, where it is amazing to behold the power of nature's god.

"Holy cow! Wow!" As we traveled I noticed the planes flying above crisscrossing and leaving chemtrails becoming white cirrus clouds in their wake. The clouds elongated and expanded as they descended and spread throughout the sky, the blue was no longer evident, only a haze or white cloud covered the sky like an egg shell. I started to sneeze.

"Look Up" is the name of a documentary talking about the hazards of GeoEngineering. Search "Look Up" at

Peace be with you and breathe hardy.

Patrick Quinn