The Belfast wrestling team kicked off the regular season on Saturday, Dec. 7 the same way they do nearly every year — namely, by hosting the Belfast Duals.

The Lions, along with defending state Class B champion Camden Hills of Rockport, Ellsworth, Foxcroft Academy of Dover-Foxcroft, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro and Mount Desert Island participated in the dual-meet event, with the hosts coming away with a 2-3 mark.

The team scores were: Belfast lost to Ellsworth 47-28, lost to Foxcroft Academy 57-24, beat Medomak Valley 53-30, beat Mount Desert Island 66-12 and lost to Camden Hills 41-28.

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The individual results for Belfast wrestlers were:

106 — Austin Merando pinned Landon Scott,, Ells, at 0:32; won by forfeit over Foxcroft Academy and Medomak Valley; pinned Marcus Parsons, MDI, at 0:50; and beat Hilary Merrifield, CH, 8-5.

113 — Brandon Bruns won by forfeit over Ellsworth, Foxcroft Academy, Mount Desert Island and Camden Hills; and pinned Rayanne Leach, Med, at 4:53.

120 pounds — Zach Scheafe was pinned by Josh Wright, Ells, at 1:00; was pinned by Pino Ayala, Fox, at 2:30; was pinned by Deagen Poland, Med, at 0:58; won by forfeit over MDI; and lost by technical fall to Zach Annis, CH, 16-1.

126 pounds — Matt Oxton was pinned by Robert Banner, Ells, at 0:37; pinned by Eli Olson, Fox, at 1:36; pinned by Cole Ashmore, Med, at 0:22; pinned Dominik Frongila, MDI, at 2:43; and was pinned by James Archer, CH, at 1:24.

132 pounds — Brandon Waterman lost by technical fall to Deagan Bereyni, Ells, 16-0; lost to Isaac Whitemore, Fox, 5-2; won by forfeit over Medomak Valley; pinned Brenden Dunn-Sprague, MDI, at 0:58; and beat Zach Collins, CH, 18-6.

145 pounds — Mike McFadden beat Jack Weeks, Ells, 2-1. Walker Roberts won by forfeit; beat Riley McCollett, Med, 18-3; won by forfeit over MDI; and pinned Taylor Crosby, CH, at 1:09.

152 — Curtis Warren pinned an Ellsworth wrestler (name unavailable) at 3:10; was pinned by Billy Brock, FA, at 1:48; pinned Quinn Ashmore, Med, at 4:16; and pinned Wilder Young, MDI, at 5:01. Mike McFadden lost to Eli Smith, CH, 9-5.

160 pounds — John Capella was pinned by Tyler Hadwick, Ells, at 3:07; was pinned by a Foxcroft Academy wrestler (name unavailable) at 4:33; won by forfeit over Medomak Valley and Mount Desert Island; and was pinned by Elvis Bowen, CH, at 2:49.

170 pounds — Austin Sprague beat Jeff Weeks, Ells, 4-3; was pinned by Todd Francis, Fox, at 3:56; won by forfeit over Medomak Valley and Mount Desert Island; and beat Wyatt Parra, CH, 4-2.

182 pounds — Simon Lacasse was pinned by Joe Wright, Ells, at 1:31; was pinned by Brandon Brock, Fox, at 0:56; was pinned by Cyril Miller, Med, at 0:37; and pinned Alex Copeland, CH, at 3:45. Sven Bedlin pinned Silas Fadine, MDI, at 0:59.

195 pounds — Matt Smith won by major decision over Kyle Linscott, Ells, 15-2; was pinned by Craig Chambers, Fox, at 4:27; won by forfeit over Medomak Valley and Mount Desert Island; and was pinned by Brian Jones, CH, at 2:54.

220 pounds — Jared Vaughn was pinned by Michael Garland, Ells, at 0:52; was pinned by Owen Gilbert, Med, at 0:32; and was pinned by Daniel McGregor, MDI, at 5:50. Jacob Harford was pinned by Devin Matagan, Fox, at 5:12; and was pinned by Jared Gilbert, CH, at 0:25.

285 pounds — Marlin Hansen was pinned by Jared Bragg, Ells, at 1:28; pinned Connor Holmes, Fox, at 0:30; won by forfeit over Medomak Valley; was pinned by Thomas Bully, MDI, at 3:52; and lost to Kaylo Littlejohn, CH, 12-5.