The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Dec 2 and Dec. 9.


Ian T. Weiss and Zofia W. Weiss to Susan H. Henry and Peter E. Henry.

Amy Miller to Seahorse Farm LLC.

New England Pizza LLC to Dana M. Therrien.

Roger Wendell and Pamela A. Wendell to Lizanne Fox Mitchell and Donald K. Mitchell.

CWABS Inc to Peter O. Marden and Terry G. Marden.

David K. Duval and Galyn M. Savage to Galyn M. Savage, Carol Duval Whiteman and David K. Duval.


CWABS to Capital Income & Growth Fund LLC.


Kathleen R. Crawford Est to Eileen A. Annis.

Cynthia A. Patrick and James H. Patrick to Benjamin H. Patrick.

Gary W. Hussey to Cynthia A. Patrick and James H. Patrick.


William D. Horton and Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust to Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust.


Ben N. Murdock to Catherine A. Demchur-Merry.

Island Meadow LLC to Donald A. Durkee and Linda G. Durkee.


Thomas J. Barca, Louise K. Casella, and John Barca Jr. to Thomas Berry and Michael Murch.

Charles Hovey Bormett to Virginia Susan Bormett Wilson.


Amanda M. Crutcher and David C. Crutcher to David & Amanda Crutcher 2013 Trust.

William J. Lombarde and Karen J. Lombarde to James E. Greeley.

Margaret L. Robbins Est to Christopher Moody and Cara Moody.

Bank of America NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Bank of America NA, Jammi L. Kenard and Jammi Benson to Bank of America NA.

Lincolnville Volunteer Fire Department to Lincolnville Boat Club.

Kenneth E. Pendleton Est Jesse J. Rodgers.

Scott N. Soule to Maine State Housing Authority.


William Potter and Mary M. Potter to Michael J. Hanson.

Robert W. Olsen to Jaime L. Bennett.


Dale A. McKenney to Douglas G. Robinson.

Leon O. & Fay S. Emery Living Trust to Emery Family Irrevocable Living Trust.

Denise Bryant and Charlene A. Hood to Van E. Hertel.

Jams Group LLC to Jody Boulet.

Wells Fargo Bank NA and Sandra L. Bollinger to Wells Fargo Bank NA.


Wells Fargo Bank NA, Kimberly Withee, and Donald Sorey Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA.


Jenness Robbins and Carol Robbins to Robbins Lumber Inc.

Bank of America NA and Russel A. Lancaster to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Gary E. Gertloff to Robbins Lumber Inc.


Susan C. Fraser, Nancy R. Cole, Judith A. Staples and Lois C. Connelly to Card Cottage Real Estate Trust.

Clifton M. Fletcher to Mark Tammen.


Lance R. Gabriel to Donna M. Gabriel.

Linda A. Dakin to Lawrence S. Hawes.


Wendell G. Corey and Diana L. Corey to Jesse Athorp.


Half Moon Gardens Inc to Nancy E. Rosalie and John C. McIntire.


Nichole D. Santon to Michael W. Santon.


Wendi C. Nadeau and Philip B. Nadeau to Bank of America NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Alysa Remsburg and Anders C. Olsen to Linda L. Grenfell and Gary F. Nettleton.

Michael L. Gold and Kelly T. Martin to Patricia Hogeland and Norman Hogeland.


Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Sherman.

Amy K. Stapley, Amy L. Kaye, and Brent Lee Stapley to Laurie A. Kenney.


Matthew Stetson to Amy Stetson.

Mark E. Harvey and Emily D. Cartwright to Dorothy Jander