A Searsport woman was summoned for theft this week after she admitted to taking items from two local stores while wearing a pair of earrings reported stolen from one business during her interview with police.

Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said police charged 20-year-old Dayna James with one count of theft following a brief investigation on the initial complaint, which came in from The Works on East Main Street Saturday, Dec. 7.

LaHaye said the shopkeeper called police and reported a woman had come into the store and stole a hat, $4 from a collection jar that was sitting on the counter, as well as a pair of earrings and knitting needles.

"Then she just walked out of the store," said LaHaye.

Police investigated the complaint and met with James for an interview, to which LaHaye said she wore the pair of earrings that the shopkeeper reported stolen from the store earlier that day.

LaHaye said James then admitted to taking the items from the store and returned the items and the cash. Police then asked James if she had stolen any other items from any other businesses and LaHaye said she stated she had also taken some items from the Grasshopper Shop on Main Street. James also returned those items, and LaHaye said the items have since been returned to the Grasshopper Shop.

Police summoned James on the theft charge, and also issued her a criminal trespass warning and a law enforcement harassment notice which prevent James from returning to The Works or contacting the shopkeeper.