Busline League middle school basketball teams have hooped it up on the court in recent days.

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Click for photos from the Troy Howard at Medomak seventh-grade boys basketball game.

Click for photos from the Troy Howard at Medomak seventh-grade girls basketball game.

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The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Boys basketball

Oceanside Blue 8th 62, Oceanside White 53

At Thomaston Dec. 12, Oceanside Blue posted a nine-point win over Oceanside White in a battle of Mariner schoolmates.

Leading Oceanside Blue were Michael Norton with an eye-popping 38 points, while Logan Sheridan added eight; Zach Porter and Garrett Young, both four; and Michael Doherty, Trevor Carty, Kirt Ilvonen and Josh Peaco, all two.

For Oceanside White, Ruben Martinez netted 23 points, while Hunter Davis added 10; John Curtin and Jack Freeman, both eight; and Leo Reis and Anthony Moore, both two.

Oceanside Blue netted 8-of-14 (57 percent) free throw attempts, while Oceanside White converted 8-of-17 (47 percent).

Camden-Rockport 7th 50, Wiscasset 23

At Camden Dec. 12, the Schooners sailed to victory over the visiting Warriors. Camden-Rockport led 14-5, 32-10 and 46-16 at the quarter breaks.

Kerry Sabanty netted 17 points for CRMS, while Wyatt Johnson added 10; Charlie O'Brien, eight; Tristan Wetzig, five; Jack Hanson, four; and Sam Hebert and Jon Heath, both two.

For Wiscasset, Matt Chapman scored seven points, while Billy Pinkham added five; Noah Haggett and C.J. Loyola, both four; Josh Gabriele, two; and Matt Smith, one.

The Schooners were 3-of-11 (27 percent) from the foul line, while the Warriors were 2-of-13 (15 percent).

Bristol 42, Medomak 8th 30

At Waldoboro Dec. 11, the Blue Devils held the Riverhawks at bay and came away with a 12-point win. Bristol led 10-7, 17-11 and 30-18 at the quarter breaks.

Brent Stewart netted 13 points for Medomak, while Colin Fournier added six; Jensen Willis, four; Ian Christensen, three; and Johnathon Luce and Wyatt Post, both two.

For Bristol, Nathan Masters scored 18 points, while Taylor Holmes added 11; Nathan Simmons, six; Leonard Wall, five; and Henry Spearman, two.

The 'Hawks were 7-of-14 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Blue Devils were 3-of-16 (19 percent).

Troy Howard 8th 51, Camden-Rockport 31

At Belfast Dec. 11, the Lions roared to a sizeable first-quarter lead and never looked back en route to a win over the Schooners. Troy Howard led 18-5, 28-17 and 38-22 at the quarter breaks.

Aaron Fuller scored 12 points for the Lions, while Sam Goguen added 11; Tyler Bartlett and Dakota Doolan, both seven; Ricky Smith, five; Skyler Perkins and Jesse Perry, both four; and Chris Thayer, two.

For Camden-Rockport, Noah Heidorn scored 12 points, while Jesse Fraser added seven; Conrad Crans, four; Tucker Grinnell and Eben Merrifield, both three; and Will Nickerson, two.

The Lions were 4-of-10 (40 percent) from the foul line, while the Schooners were 5-of-10 (50 percent).

Troy Howard 7th 75, Camden-Rockport 22

At Camden Dec. 11, the Lions roared to a win over the host Schooners. Troy Howard led 18-7, 33-7 and 55-14 at the quarter breaks.

Max Lewis scored 18 points for the visitors, while Nathaniel Johnson added 14; Luke Lightner, 12; Andrew Akles, 11; Caleb Young and Dakota Payson, both six; and Wilder McGrader, Dylan Abbott, Luke Hamlin and Grady Doolan, all two.

Kerry Sabanty scored nine points to pace CRMS, while Spencer Johndro and Wyatt Johnson each added four; Bailey McWilliams and Sam Hebert, both two; and Charlie O'Brien, one.

The Schooners were 2-of-3 (67 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 3-of-7 (43 percent).

Troy Howard 8th 82, Searsport 48

At Searsport Dec. 10, the Lions pulled away from the host Vikings in the second half to pick up the hard-fought road victory. Troy Howard led 23-16, 44-28 and 67-31 at the quarter breaks.

Stan Sturgis scored 22 points for the winners, while Ricky Smith and Skyler Perkins each netted 17; Tyler Bartlett and Sam Goguen, both 10; Dakota Doolan, six; and Aaron Fuller, two.

Charlie Spiegel scored 14 points for Searsport, while Ben Powell added 11; Connor Kneeland, seven; George Dakin, six; Liam MacMillan, five; and Devon Bean, four.

The Lions were 4-of-10 (40 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Vikings were 6-of-13 (46 percent).

Troy Howard 8th 60, Wiscasset 31

At Wiscasset Dec. 4, the Lions continued their early-season dominance en route to a win over the Warriors. Troy Howard led 17-6, 30-14 and 42-27 at the quarter breaks.

Stan Sturgis scored 14 points for Troy Howard, while Aaron Fuller added 11; Tyler Bartlett and Sam Goguen, both 10; Ricky Smith, six; Skyler Perkins, four; Dakota Doolan, three; and Jesse Perry, two.

Trinin Jeffery, Levi McAtee, Kobe Carrier, Jacob Wilson and Andrew Hendrickson each scored six points for Wiscasset, while Hunter Raedel added four and Max Sampson three.

Troy Howard converted 8-of-16 (50 percent) from the foul line.

Girls basketball

Medomak 7th 34, Troy Howard 12

At Waldoboro Dec. 12, the Riverhawks got out to a big first-quarter lead and soared to victory over the Lions. Medomak led 11-2, 19-2 and 23-8 at the quarter breaks.

Aubrey Schaeffer scored 11 points for the winners, while Lydia Simmons added seven; Emma Hooper, six; and Talia Willis, Maddy White, Melayna Benner, Chelsea Field and Shannon Johnson, all two.

For Troy Howard, Ayla Fitzjurls scored six points, while Junne McIntire, Gia Davila and Kayci Faulkingham, all two.

Oceanside Blue 8th 52, Oceanside White 34

At Thomaston Dec. 12, Oceanside Blue got the better of Oceanside White, downing its Mariner counterparts by 18 points. Oceanside Blue led 16-7, 30-12 and 44-23 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby Simmons led Oceanside Blue with 18 points, while Casey Pine and Aubrey Anderson each added 10; Emily Clough, six; Jordan Brackett, four; and Taylor Hamlin and Kyleigh Farnham, both two.

Zoe Goff and Charlotte Leparulo each scored nine points, while Molly Spencer added eight; Lauren Miller and Amelia Campbell, both three; and Laurtn Arsenault, two.

Oceanside Blue netted 4-of-8 (50 percent) free throw attempts, all of which were attempted by Simmons. Oceanside White netted 6-of-11 (54 percent) attempts.

Camden-Rockport 7th 50, Wiscasset 12

At Camden Dec. 12, the Schooners sailed to a convincing win over the Warriors. Camden-Rockport led 19-0, 27-2 and 33-8 at the quarter breaks.

Kassie Krul scored 20 points for CRMS, while Rebecca Cox tallied nine; Lauren Rothwell, seven; Maddie Holt, six; Capri Buck, four; and Ellie Berez and Tatum Dowd, both two.

For Wiscasset, Jade Rego scored five points, while Kathleen Trask, Lily Sousa and Maddi Tilas each added two and Alison Donovan one.

Camden-Rockport 7th 52, Troy Howard 36

At Camden Dec. 11, the Schooners led the entire game and prevailed over the visiting Lions. Camden-Rockport led 14-9, 35-15 and 37-26 at the quarter breaks.

Kassi Krul poured in 36 points for CRMS, while Rebecca Cox and Maddie Holt each added five; Capri Buck, four; and Lauren Rothwell, two.

For Troy Howard, June McIntyre scored 16 points, while Kayci Faulkingham scored six and Hannah Sanderson, Grace Fitzgerald, Juliann Smith, Lindsey Bruns, Hannah Banks and Maya Cunningham and Mercedes Reynolds, all two.