Police responded to Troy Howard Middle School the morning of Friday, Dec. 13, for a report of a student who had a knife that he refused to give to staff.

Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said the student brought a small, folding pocket knife to school. McFadden said the knife belonged to the student's grandmother, who told officers she may have dropped it the night before and her grandson picked it up.

When the student was asked to give the knife to the staff to hold onto until the student's parents or guardian, the student refused, McFadden said. He said the student may not have wanted to relinquish the knife because it belonged to his grandmother and the student wanted to make sure she got it back.

“No overt threats were made with the knife,” McFadden said.

McFadden said no one was injured during the incident and no charges will be filed. The knife was given to school staff for safekeeping, McFadden said.