Busline League basketball teams were in action in recent days with Christmas break a few days away.

The large school division standings through Dec. 13 showed:

Eighth-grade girls — Boothbay Elementary School 7-0, Searsport District Middle School 5-1, Oceanside Middle School West Blue of Thomaston/Rockland 5-1, Camden-Rockport Middle School 4-2, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta 3-3, Oceanside Middle School West White of Thomaston/Rockland 1-4, Wiscasset Middle School 1-4, Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro 0-5 and Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast 0-6.

Eighth-grade boys — Troy Howard 7-0, Bristol 6-1, Boothbay 6-2, Camden-Rockport 4-2, Oceanside West White 3-3, Medomak 3-3, Oceanside West Blue 2-5, Searsport 1-5, Wiscasset 1-5 and Great Salt Bay 0-7.

Seventh-grade girls — Boothbay 6-0, Oceanside West Blue 6-1, Camden-Rockport 5-1, Oceanside West White 3-3, Medomak 2-3, Great Salt Bay 1-5, Troy Howard 1-6 and Wiscasset 0-5.

Seventh-grade boys — Troy Howard 6-1, Oceanside West Blue 5-2, Oceanside White 4-2, Medomak 3-2, Boothbay 3-3, Camden-Rockport 2-4, Great Salt Bay 1-5 and Wiscasset 0-5.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to sports@courierpublicationsllc.com. Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Boys basketball

Troy Howard 7th 61, Oceanside Blue 42

At Thomaston Dec. 16, the Lions went on an 18-7 run in the third quarter and pulled away from the host Mariners to pick up the win. Troy Howard led 15-10, 31-20 and 49-27 at the quarter breaks.

Nathaniel Johnson scored 11 points to lead Troy Howard, while Max Lewis added 10; Grady Doolan, Luke Lightner, Andrew Akles and Dakota Payson, all six; and Caleb Young, Corey Deschamps, Luke Hamlin and Wilder McGruder, all four.

For Oceanside Blue, Trevor Reed scored 13 points, while Haden Martin added 10; Jack Lombardo, seven; Dustin Cote and Alex O'Brien, both three; and Dayton Dinsmore, Nik Porter and Seth Sweet, all two.

Camden-Rockport 8th 51, Searsport 39

At Camden Dec. 16, the Schooners sailed to their fifth win after a 12-point triumph over the Vikings. Camden-Rockport led 18-15 at halftime and 35-24 after three quarters.

Noah Heidorn scored 24 points for the winners, while Jesse Fraser added 13; Trevor Iltis and Lucs Boetsch, both four; and Eric Glaser, Will Nickerson and Tucker Grinnell, all two.

For Searsport, Ben Powell tossed in 23 points, while Connor Kneeland added six; Liam MacMillan, Toby Kroening and Dominick Francis-Metzger, all four; Eric Bowen, three; and Charlie Spiegel, two.

Medomak 8th 43, Oceanside White 37

At Thomaston Dec. 16, the Riverhawks pounced on the Mariners early and held them at bay en route to a six-point win. Medomak led 10-2, 22-15 and 34-23 at the quarter breaks.

Johnathon Luce netted 12 points to lead Medomak, while Andrew Campbell added 10; Josh Goldrup, eight; Jensen Willis, seven; and Wyatt Post, six.

For Oceanside, Ruben Martinez scored 14 points, while Jack Freeman added 10; Hunter Davis, five; Leo Reid and John Curtin, both four; and Nick Crudell, two.

The 'Hawks were 7-of-17 (41 percent) from the foul line, while the Mariners were 5-of-8 (62 percent).

Troy Howard 7th 42, Medomak 24

At Waldoboro Dec. 12, the Lions had no trouble with the host Riverhawks and earned an 18-point win. Troy Howard led 28-11 at halftime.

Nathan Emerson netted nine points for Medomak, while Alex Clevette added five; and Josh Swan, two.

For Troy Howard, Luke Lightner scored 15 points, while Nathaniel Johnson added eight.

Girls basketball

Medomak 7th 43, Oceanside White 32

At Waldoboro Dec. 16 ,the Riverhawks rallied in the fourth quarter and bested the visiting Mariners. Medomak led 12-4 after the first quarter and 16-15 at halftime, while Oceanside White took a 28-23 lead after three quarters.

Lydia Simmons scored 16 points for Medomak, while Aubrey Schaeffer added 14; Elizabeth Flanagan, nine; and Emma Hooper and Talia Willis, both two.

Kalli Grover scored 13 points to lead the Mariners, while Sara Dorr and Hannah Moholland each added six; and Chloe Jones, four.

The 'Hawks were 1-of-2 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Mariners were 9-of-21 (43 percent).

Oceanside Blue 8th 46, Troy Howard 8

At Belfast Dec. 16, the Mariners blanked the Lions in the first quarter and sailed to victory. Oceanside Blue led 9-0, 22-5 and 36-6 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby Simmons scored 21 points to lead the Mariners, while Aubrey Anderson added 10; Casey Pine, seven; and Jordan Brackett and Taylor Hamlin, both four.

Kelsey Mehuren and Emma Mehuren each scored three points for Troy Howard, while Macy Gale added two.

The Mariners were 6-of-9 (67 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Lions were 1-of-4 (25 percent).

Camden-Rockport 35, Searsport 33

At Camden Dec. 16, the Schooners narrowly picked up the victory over the visiting Vikings.

Alli Wells scored eight points for CRMS, while Audrey Clement added six; Piper Dunton and Katie Heavey, both four; Emily Long, three; and Eliza Brown, Sarah Contento and Malea Russell, all two.

For Searsport, Brooklynn Alberts scored 12 points, while Aubrey Walker, Hannah Nadeau and Mikeala Alley each added seven.

The Schooners were 4-of-12 (33 percent) from the foul line, while the Vikings were 9-of-27 (33 percent).

Medomak 8th 37, Oceanside White 36

At Thomaston Dec. 16, the 'Hawks held off the host Mariners and prevailed by one point. Medomak led 10-5, 20-17 and 30-27 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby DePatsy poured in 25 points for Medomak, while Cierra Dyer added seven; Hallie Kunesh, three; and Acadia Calderwood, two.

For Oceanside, Molly Spencer scored nine points, while Lauren Miller added eight; Charlotte Leparulo, seven; Amelia Campbell, five; Zoe Goff, four; and Lauren Arsenault, three.

The 'Hawks were 6-of-11 (54 percent) from the foul line, while the Mariners were 4-of-14 (28 percent).

Camden-Rockport 8th 22, Troy Howard 19

At Belfast Dec. 11, the Schooners squeaked out a win over the host Lions. Camden-Rockport led 6-4, 11-9 and 17-13 at the quarter breaks.

Audrey Clement scored 10 points for the winners, while Eliza Brown added three; and Abbey O'Donal, Emily Long, Katie Heavey, Malea Russell and Ali Wells, all two.

For Troy Howard, Emma Mehuren scored 10 points, while Macy Gale added three; and Kendra Belden, Alexia Sweet and Madison Hemingway, all two.

The Schooners were 2-of-6 (33 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 1-of-7 (14 percent).

Searsport 36, Troy Howard 24

At Searsport Dec. 10, the Vikings held the Lions at bay throughout the game and prevailed by 12 points. Searsport led 11-6, 15-9 and 23-14 at the quarter breaks.

Mikeala Alley scored 15 points for the winners, while Hannah Nadeau and Brooklynn Alberts each added six; Audrey Walker, four; Kaylee Knowles, three; and Morgan Ireland, two.

Emma Mehuren scored seven points to lead Troy Howard, while Alexia Sweet added four; Kelsey Mehuren, three; Kendra Belden, Alison Defeo, Kim Newton and Madison Hemingway, all two; and Michaela Ecker and Lacy Gale, both one.

The Vikings were 10-of-15 (67 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 8-of-15 (53 percent).

Boothbay 39, Searsport 18

At Boothbay Dec. 4, the Wildcats ran away from the Vikings late and prevailed in a home game. Boothbay led 10-8, 16-12 and 27-17 at the quarter breaks.

Hannah Nadeau scored six points, while Audrey Walker added four; Brooklynn Alberts and Mikeala Alley, both three; and Kaylee Knowles, two.

Paige Brown scored 17 points for Boothbay, while Sydney Meader added eight; Jo Shaw, five; Summer Chamberlain, three; Mady McLellan, Tori Marin and Lillian Shurburne, all two; and Denise Stover, one.

The Vikings were 4-of-9 (44 percent) from the foul line, while the Wildcats were 6-of-12 (50 percent).

Hope 42, Jefferson 30

At Hope Dec. 16, the Hawks soared to a 12-point win over the Chargers. Hope led 16-4, 26-12 and 40-14 at the quarter breaks.

Kira Barley netted 20 points for the hosts, while Laticia Billings added 12; Kesha Lane, five; Nicole Brown, three; and Bella Merrill, two. Billings also had six assists in the win.

Hope netted 4-of-8 (50 percent) free throws. Information on Jefferson was unavailable.