Dear Santa,

This letter was sent to Santa Claus, who provided The Republican Journal with a copy.

How's it going Santa? Did you lose weight? You look thinner.

I am hoping for Spiderman Web of Shadows for the Wii.

I hope you're having a fun Christmas season. Are your Reindeer all healthy? We'll leave some  carrots for them. I hope Mrs. Claus is well too. How well are your elves working?

Santa, I hope you have a good time on Christmas Eve.



Thoughts on Nelson Mandela

I enjoyed reading all the comments about Mr. Mandela, a man who understood and practiced the kingdom principles and came out on top. Twenty-seven years in prison is a very long, long time; yet John the Revelator, one of the original 12 apostles, was also in prison on the Isle of Patmos for at least the same amount of time. While there, he wrote the book of Revelation and was the only apostle who was not martyred. They tried but you can't kill love. They couldn't kill Jesus either until it was his time; then he gave his life willingly for us. What love the Father has bestowed on us.

Merry Christmas everyone!

R. K. Treworgy


Food pantry needs help

The 125 families who are regular users of the Northport Food Pantry know too well how it feels to have budget problems at every level balanced on their backs. They are at the end of the line and don't have anyone to transfer their burden to. Less money and declining services at all levels leave our needy neighbors with nearly nowhere to turn. We do our best to help them keep up, but we need your help. In fact, we depend on it.

Even our usual partners in providing supplemental groceries to Waldo County's neediest citizens are suffering under the strain. At the Good Shepherd Food Bank, where we purchase many of the groceries we distribute, prices have  increased dramatically and there is less and less of the food we need to provide the balanced nutritional items we feel are essential for those we serve.

We are in the tough position of having to spend more and more each month to provide basic food to those who need it the most. At the same time, more and more people in need, mostly the elderly and families with young children, are showing up and asking for help.

Food is not an optional human need. It is a daily necessity and we continue to work as diligently and frugally as we possibly can to help provide it.

We depend entirely on support from individuals, businesses, and communities. With your help we can continue to serve Waldo County through the difficult time ahead.

Cleo Alley

Northport Food Pantry