The former Troy town treasurer who pleaded guilty to a theft charge Dec. 3 after admitting to taking nearly $20,000 from the town was sentenced in Waldo County Superior Court to three years in prison with all but 90 days suspended.

Waldo County Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker said Kathy Mattingly, 57, of Troy, appeared before Justice Robert Murray Thursday, Dec. 26, for sentencing. Mattingly had previously pleaded guilty to Class B theft for embezzling $18,154 from the town of Troy.

Walker said in addition to the 90 days Mattingly will serve in prison, she will also be on probation for one year. She will begin serving her sentence Jan. 9, 2014, in order to allow her and jail officials time to prepare for her arrival due to serious medical conditions, Walker said.

Mattingly’s case was unusual, Walker said, because she had no previous criminal record; she cooperated with police and admitted to taking money from the town; she pleaded guilty early in the court proceedings; she paid the entire restitution prior to being sentenced; and she said she took the money to give to her adult son who had a “serious drug addiction.”

All of those factors were taken into account, as well as the seriousness of her crime and the impact on the taxpayers of Troy when fashioning the sentence, Walker said.

According to previously published reports, In August, Mattingly was indicted on the charge of theft by unauthorized taking on the accusation that Mattingly took at total of $19,813.26 while in her official capacity as the town treasurer.

Mattingly was arrested after an investigation by the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office that lasted several weeks after missing funds were reported by the town. She served as the town’s treasurer from January 2012 until March 2013.

She was represented in court by attorney Nathan Bell, Walker said.

Tanya Mitchell contributed reporting to this story.