Student-athletes from 12 schools converged at Mount View High School on Saturday, Dec. 28 to take part in the Mid-Maine Wrestling Tournament, with each hoping to earn a few more wins and perhaps add a tournament championship to their resume by the end of the calendar year.

While none of the three participating local squads took home the team title, two area grapplers earned first-place finishes in their respective weight classes as Cony of Augusta scored 209 points to win the tournament.

Medomak Valley amassed 84 points to finish fourth, while Mount View scored 79 points and finished fifth. Oceanside, which has only a handful of grapplers, scored 18 points and secured a 10th-place finish.

The team scores were: Cony 209, Nokomis of Newport 131, Dexter 116, Medomak Valley 84, Mount View 79, Caribou 76, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 52, Bucksport 50.5, Morse of Bath 29, Oceanside 18, Madison 9 and John Bapst of Bangor 5.

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Medomak Valley's Cyril Miller finished first at 170 pound, as he bested Matt Mower of Dexter 11-0 in the finals. Mount View's Anthony Barnard also emerged victorious from the 145-pound class, as he pinned Axios Gerkaaris of Caribou at the 56-second mark in the championship round.

Rayanne Leach (113), Cole Ashmore (120) and Riley McCollett (138) picked up second-place finishes in their respective weight classes for the Panthers, while Owen Gilbert (220) nabbed a third-place finish.

Oceanside's Dallas Ball (132) finished third in his weight class, while Mount View's Job Mesaric (220) finished second, James Blanchette (126) third and Jarryd Fonger (132) and Chris Cole (285) both fourth.

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers were:

113 pounds — Leach, Med, was pinned by Josh Gilbert, Cony, at 2:52 to finish second.

120 pounds — Cole Ashmore, Med, pinned Chris Watrous, MCI, at 0:34; pinned Kyle Morris, Car, at 0:37; and was pinned by Kolin Fraser, Nok, at 3:46 to finish second.

126 pounds — Blanchette, MtV, pinned Ryan Kiah, JB, at 5:27; lost to Dylan Dahlberg, MCI, 12-4; beat Bryce Sweet, Dex, 7-1; and beat Kiah, JB, by default to finish third.

Deagen Poland, Med, was pinned by Tre Caudil, Cony, at 1:27; and was pinned by Sweet, Dex, at 1:36.

David Young, Ocean, was pinned by Dylan Dahlberg, MCI, at 2:52; and lost to Kiah, JB, 15-0.

132 pounds — Ball, Ocean, pinned Jared Overlock, Med (time unavailable); was pinned by Jonathan Crocker, Nok, at 3:04; pinned Richard Moreno, Mad, at 0:36; and beat Fonger, MtV, 10-6 to finish third.

Fonger pinned Moreno, Mad, at 3:07; was pinned by Zach Caron, Dex, at 5:45; pinned Overlock, Med, at 2:22; and lost to Ball, Ocean, 10-6 to finish fourth.

Andrew Cronk, Med, was pinned by Caron, Dex, at 1:23; and was pinned by Moreno, Mad, at 2:03.

138 pounds — McCollett, Med, beat Matt Wheeler, MtV, 10-9; pinned Jordan Gudroe, Dex, at 4:48; and was pinned by Zeko Caudill, Cony, at 0:21 to finish second.

Wheeler, MtV, also lost to Matt Stewart, Buck, 2-0.

145 pounds — Barnard, MtV, pinned Dylan Soper, Buck, at 1:47; and pinned Gerakaris, Car, at 0:56 to finish first.

Tim Jerome, Med, was pinned by Steven Beland, Cony, at 0:57; and was pinned by Jacob Hesseltine, Dex, at 1:49.

152 pounds — Morgan Black, Med, was pinned by Hunter Reed, Mor, at 0:44; and was pinned by Caleb McFarlin, Nok, at 0:15.

160 pounds — Quinn Ashmore, Med, was pinned by Jake Bither, Car, at 5:12; pinned Nick Keene, Ocean, at 1:24; and was pinned by Bryce Salisbury, Dex, at 2:01.

Keene, Ocean, also was pinned by Josh Hall, Buck, at 2:58.

Scott Vaillancout, MtV, was pinned by Salisbury, Dex, at 2:20; and was pinned by Raz Baltazar, Morse, at 4:38.

170 pounds — Miller, Med, pinned Jacob Richards, Nok, at 2:24; beat Griffin Richards, Cony, 6-2; and beat Mower, Dex, 11-0 to finish first.

Ethan Sewell-Berry, MtV, was pinned by Corey Lent, Morse, at 4:45; pinned Jeffery Leino, Nok, at 0:49; and was pinned by Richards, Cony, at 1:48.

182 pounds — Samantha Fowles, Med, was pinned by Rusty Wilson, Nok, at 0:12; and lost by default to Devon O'Connor, Cony.

Sierra Fonger, MtV, was pinned by Kyle Hartmann, Dex, at 0:18; and was pinned by Ryan Cass, Mad, at 1:17.

220 pounds — Mesaric, MtV, pinned Matt Brown, Mad, at 0:21; pinned Josh Haskell, Dex, at 4:27; and was pinned by Nic Benner, Cony, at 3:48 to finish second.

Gilbert, Med, pinned Colton Conley, Car, at 1:51; was pinned by Benner, Cony, at 0:49; pinned Austin Talgo, Morse, at 1:17; and pinned Colton Conley, Car, at 2:05 to finish third.

Reagan Billingsley, Ocean, was pinned by Benner, Cony, at 0:59; and was pinned by Conley, Car, at 0:31.

285 pounds — Cole, MtV, pinned Briar Bussell, MCI, at 2:42; was pinned by Elias Younes, Cony, at 2:43; pinned Isaac Gingras, Cony, at 2:14; and was pinned by Bussell, MCI, at 1:35 to finish fourth.

Alex Rackliffe, Ocean, pinned Tanner Hall, Dex, at 3:03; was pinned by Hunter Glidden, Nok, at 1:20; and was pinned by Bussell, MCI (no time available).