Local and Legendary: Belfast in the Civil War

Jan. 3, 1862

“The army correspondent of the Boston Herald says: ‘The Maine boys exhibit much ingenuity in the construction of tents and their interior arrangements. The latest fashion for winter is a two-story tent. The first story, three feet high, is made of small logs, partially squared and neatly laid with a cement composed of the sacred soil of Virginia and water. The chinks are all plastered with this cement, which renders the apartment, which is covered by a story of canvas, entirely comfortable. Some of the tents are supplied with subterranean fire-places, which have flues running underground to a convenient distance outside of the tent and others are provided with camp stoves. Hardly any two of the tents of the regiment are alike in their internal economy, each mess constructing furniture and sleeping accommodations according to their taste.’”

Jan. 3, 1895

“Clark, the Clothier and Tailor, 83 Main street, sent out a novel advertisement last week. With an accompanying circular he mailed to probable customers a business card to which was attached a brand new cent, and underneath was printed: ‘You are one cent ahead now; you will be dollars ahead if you take advantage of our liberal offer for high class custom clothing to order’”

“The freight train on the Belfast branch is receiving attention from the repairers. The baggage car has just been returned from the shops with new trucks and an additional tool closet. Engine No. 87, which has been doing service here during the summer and fall, has been replaced by No. 94, a more modern machine.”

Dec. 30, 1937

Belfast and Rockland Bands To Broadcast From Belfast

“The Belfast Band journeyed by bus to Rockland Tuesday evening, December 28, to meet with the Rockland Band for the purpose of formulating a series of programs for the broadcast on Tuesday nights in the month of January. Tuesday night, January 4, the Belfast and Rockland bands will broadcast for the first time over the air from 7:15 to 7:45 o’clock. A temporary studio will be set up in Belfast Band hall and transmitted from there by wire to Station WLBZ in Bangor and then out over the air.”

Dec. 31, 1987

“There will be Scottish dancing classes for beginners starting Monday, Jan. 4 at 7:30 p.m. in the American Legion Hall on Church Street in Belfast. Lessons the first night will be free. During the process of taking the classes, jigs, reels, hornpipes and strathspeys will be taught.”

Swanville – “Santa brought a new gate for the entrance to the Swanville dump. While no doubt the dump attendant is properly grateful for the gate, he says there should be an agreement whereby Santa comes with his magic sleigh the day after Christmas and takes away the boxes and wrappings. Sounds reasonable.”

Playing at the Colonial Twin Cinemas & Video Shop: “Fatal Attraction” starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, and, back by popular demand, “The Princess Bride.”