The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between December 27, 2013 and January 6, 2014.


David J. Crabiel and Joan B. Crabiel to Heather A. Collins.

Elisabeth Wolfe and Michael S. Cunning to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Kelly J. Mark and Kelly A. Michelle to Abigail J. Curtis and James A. Clark.

Arline P. Whitney Est to Susan Babbitt Hall.

Belfast Area Cohousing LLC to Paul R. McKinney Revocable Trust 4/1996.

Earl Beard and Elaine M. Albright to Thirty Five Main Street LLC and 35 Main St. LLC.


Richard W. Hanson Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Kevin L. Jordan and Nancy W. Jordan.


Barbara A. Yerrick and Steven D. Webster to Hillary Maharam and David A. Pill.

Page Carleton and Page O. Carleton to Page O. Carleton and Deenie B. Page.


Barbara E. Pratt and Barbara E. Martin to Charles Hornig and Ingrid H. Klimhoff.


Linda A. Beeler and William J. Ryder to Ryder Beeler Family Trust.

Betsey D. Landry and Betsey D. Blake to Terry M. Hire and Dianne S. Hire.


Ralph A. Rawley and Veronica A. Rawley to Curt A. Rawley.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Edith B. Littlefield and Roger A. Littlefield.

William W. Rafuse to Elizabeth S. Rafuse. and William S. Rafuse.


Elisabeth Wolfe to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Jill E. Hall to Kevin R. Hall.


UCFC Loan Trust 1998-D to Joseph H. Greenier and Michelle M. Greenier.


William D. Tracy to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Roger R. Gauthier to Cheryl L. Wilder.

Gerald R. Cross, Christopher E. Cross and Jerald A. Cross to Ameila D. Cross.

Vicky Grove and Vicky Terpoorten to Pasco Ryan Grove.

Loraine S. Hamilton and Wayne C. Hamilton to Penobscot Marine Museum.

Joseph J. Martin Est. to Kevin M. Kettell.


Amanda Harriman to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Joseph Benjamin to Natasha Littlefield and Jeffrey Littlefield.


Dora C. Doak to Bernys L. Doak and David C. Doak.


Shirley C. Teas Revocable Trust to Michael Alfoso Torres and Virginia S. Torres.

Matthew D. Koman, Danielle R. Koman and Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust.

Steven Forrest and Patricia Forrest to Moores Properties LLC.