When The Lobster Pound at the Beach opens for the season, it will have a new component: a brew pub featuring beers from Andrew's Brewing Co., made on the spot.

Longtime The Lobster Pound owner Richard "Dick" McLaughlin said after 58 years in business, he wanted to offer customers something new that would appeal to a younger crowd. He also said he wanted to extend his open season from six months to 10 or possibly even 12 months in order to offset the business' expenses. Having the brew pub on site will enable him to draw customers even when lobsters are out of season.

For his part, Andrew's Brewing owner Andy Hazen — himself in business for 22 years — said when McLaughlin offered him the chance to open a brewery at The Lobster Pound, “I figured it was a no-brainer.”

So Hazen, his son Ben, McLaughlin's son Joe, along with Sean Duffelmeyer, Jim Tyler and Richard Sproul, invested in The Lobster Pound, which now includes both sides of the business. The investors serve as the board of The Lobster Pound Inc.

At its Jan. 8 meeting the Planning Board approved a change of use for the restaurant, to allow for the brewing operation on the premises. The Lobster Pound has applied for a building permit for the necessary interior renovations, said Ben Hazen. He hopes the work will begin by the end of January.

First, furniture and other contents of the restaurant will be removed and stored in a trailer. Then concrete floor will be poured to support the the brewing equipment and tile laid over it, Ben Hazen explained. A new bar will be built, and windows installed to allow the public to see the brewing operation. Space for a gift shop will also be added.

When the work is finished, the restaurant will be in the right side of the building, with additional tables on the outdoor patio, comprising 150 seats and the brew pub will be on the left side with around 100 seats. McLaughlin said the total number of seats would remain the same.

He also wanted to assure longtime customers that the business would remain family-oriented. Diners will be able to order off either menu, he said. The pub may have an open-mic night with low-key music as well.

McLaughlin said he hopes the brew pub will be open by mid-April, a couple of weeks before the restaurant side of The Lobster Pound opens. Even if the brewing equipment is not up and running by then, “There'll be beer, believe me,” Andy Hazen said, even if he has to bring it from the brewery on High Street. The High Street brewing operation will continue, even after the brew pub opens, he said.

In addition to Andrew's pale ale, brown ale, porter, summer golden ale and Scottish ale, the brew pub will feature an India pale ale, a black & tan, a stout and other new brews to be announced after the opening, Andy Hazen said.

One thing he looks forward to about the pub is getting on-the-spot feedback about new beers from customers, he said. The pub will also have a full line of commercial and micro-brewed beers in bottles.

Andrew's brews will also be available in the gift shop, along with regional wines and other items.

“We're trying to keep it as regional as possible,” he said.

Both McLaughlin and Andy Hazen said they think their businesses' new relationship will be good for both. They hope it will revitalize the Beach as a whole, too.

“We just want to enhance the flavor of the Beach a little bit,” Andy Hazen said.