The Mount View wrestling team participated in a 19-team tournament hosted by Skowhegan High School on Saturday, Jan. 11, with schools from Classes A, B and C in attendance.

The Mustangs more than held their own against some of the top schools in the state, to earn a fourth-place finish.

Mount View scored 105.5 points, while host Skowhegan (211 points) finished first.

The 'Stangs outscored all other Class B schools — Gardiner, Oak Hill of Sabattus, Fryeburg Academy and Winslow — and only finished behind schools that coach Hamilton Richards feels are state championship contenders in the Indians, Ellsworth (208 points) and Cony of Augusta (140 points).

Richards said his team “really stepped it up this weekend” and “If this keeps up, we could have a very strong finish at the [Class] B West Regional and exceed my goal of just a top-4 finish.”

At the Jan. 11 meet, Mount View's Job Mesaric (220) earned a second-place finish in his weight class, while Chris Cole (285) and James Blanchette (126) finished third and Matt Wheeler (138), Anthony Barnard (145) and Scott Vaillancourt (160) fourth.

The team scores were: Skowhegan 211, Ellsworth 208, Cony 140, Mount View 105.5, Nokomis of Newport 104.5, Fryeburg Academy 98, Winslow 91, Monmouth Academy 70, Gardiner 59, Oak Hill 35.5, Ellsworth “B” 33, Mount Desert Island 24, Cony “B” 23, Hampden Academy 14, Madison 6, and Ellsworth “C”, Oak Hill “B”, Hampden “B” and Brewer, no score.

The individual Mustang results, with Mount View grapplers listed first, were:

126 pounds — Blanchette beat Harry Larrabee, Ells “B”, 19-2; pinned Teran Booth, Nok, at 5:23; lost to Robert Banner, Ells, 8-3; pinned Larrabee, Ells “B”, at 0:27; and won by forfeit over Boothbay Region and Nokomis, to finish third.

132 pounds — Jarryd Fonger lost to Dylan Frost, HA, 4-2; beat Cam Bell, Gard, 3-2; and lost to Scotty Parr, Ells, 17-2.

138 pounds — Wheeler beat Xander Harris, HA, 7-0, was pinned by Zeko Caudill, Cony, at 1:20; beat Eli Chubback, Skow, 9-4; and lost to Patrick Hopkins, Win, 6-2, to finish fourth.

145 pounds — Barnard received a bye; pinned Steven Beland, Cony, at 2:42; was pinned by Stewart Buzzell, Mon, at 2:56; beat Logan Benedict, Cony “B”, 6-0; and lost to Jack Weeks, Ells, 14-4, to finish fourth.

160 pounds — Vaillancourt pinned Nathan Cram, Mon, at 1:31; was pinned by Hunter Day, Frye, at 0:58; beat Joe Foss, Mad, 11-6; and was pinned by Austin Smith, Ells, at 3:47.

170 pounds — Ethan Sewell-Berry pinned Jacob Richards, Nok, at 5:01; was pinned by Joe Wright, Ells, at 2:20; and was pinned by Willy Macfown, Frye, at 1:32.

182 pounds — Sierra Fonger was pinned by Mikal Federici, Skow, at 0:33; and was pinned by Devon O'Connor, Cony, at 0:43.

220 pounds — Mesaric pinned Chris Fox, Mon, at 1:45; pinned Angel Escalante, Frye, at 1:04; pinned Nic Benner, Cony, at 1:37; and was pinned by Michael Garland, Ells, at 4:25 to finish second.

285 pounds — Cole was pinned by Elias Younes, Cony, at 2:10; pinned Logan Childs, OH, at 1:08; pinned Isaac Gingrass, Cony “B”, at 0:56; pinned Jared Bragg, Ells, at 4:58; and pinned Younes, Cony, at 2:35 to finish third.