Police continue to investigate a robbery and stabbing that took place at a residence in Knox and are following up on a tip from a neighbor about the vehicle the suspects may have been driving.

Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said officers received a tip from a neighbor on Wednesday, Jan. 8, regarding a vehicle the neighbor saw driving near the residence where a man was assaulted and robbed the night of Jan. 5.

Trafton said a neighbor told police she saw a small car with a loud or “funny-sounding,” exhaust drive past the residence at about 8 p.m. The neighbor told police she saw the vehicle drive past the residence in the direction of Belfast before it turned around and drove past the residence, again. Trafton said the neighbor told officers the vehicle repeatedly drove past the residence several times.

Police were called to a residence at Gold Top Farm at 8:28 p.m. the evening of Jan. 5, after a migrant worker who lived at the farm said he had been robbed and stabbed. Trafton previously said the victim, with help from a neighbor who translated, told officers he was watching television when he a heard a knock on his door.

When the victim opened the door, he saw two men standing outside with masks on before he shut the door. However, one of the men used what Trafton described as a long gun to break into the home. While one of the men held the victim at knife point, the other man searched the home for money, Trafton said.

The two men made off with an undisclosed amount of money, but not before the victim was stabbed in the chest. The wound was not too serious, Trafton said, and the victim was treated for his injury at Waldo County General Hospital before being released that same night.

Both men were described as white males ages 20-25 and about six feet tall.

Anyone with information about the robbery and stabbing can contact police dispatch at 338-2040. An anonymous tip can also be sent to police via text message by putting “WTIP” at the beginning of the message and sending it to 274637.

Trafton said Detective Merl Reed is continuing to investigate the case.