The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Jan. 16, 2014 and Jan. 27, 2014.


Regional School Unit No. 20 and RSU No. 20 to Waldo County Young Mens Christian Association.

Robert M. Cunningham to John L. Richards and Sheryl A. Richards.

Blaine R. Richardson and Laura Richardson to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.


Thomas Bubar to Donald Bubar.


Rita T. Rozier and James H. Vernon Jr. to Kyle D. Mitchell and Rebecca L. Mitchell.

Kathleen McFarland and Douglas McFarland to Elieen A. Annis.

Kieth D. Howard to Pamela L. Heberling.


Wells Fargo Bank National Association Trust to Galen S. Belden.


Landis H. Gabel Trust and Marianne E. Gabel Trust to Landis H. Gabel.

Cynthia C. Raynard to Roger W. Raynard.

Glen D. Chapman and Patricia A. Chapman to Glen D. Chapman.

Lee J. Herzig and Lesley A. Herzig to Laura Dandrea and Beth Herzig.

John N. Allan to Eric Johnsen.


Rachel Thompson to Rachel Thompson and Michael Norgang.

Dennis Henriques and Bonnie Henriques to Sally Erickson Living Trust.


Arthur R. Sampson and Art Sampson to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems.

First N.A. To Deborah Laufer and Leopold Laufer.


Robert P. Holmes and Lila E. Holmes to Katherine M. Bowles and Michael L. Bowles.


Frank L. Banks, William K. Banks, and Joanne B. Miller to Charles Tanksley.

Daniel H. Gray and Kellee E. Gray to Sean Pinkham.


Lindell Family Living Trust to James Jeffrey Grady and Lauretta B. Grady.

Mary I. Haskell and Anita M. Nored to Flora A. Naegley and Robert K. Naegley.


Joseph S. Costigan to Joseph S. Costigan and Deborah T. Costigan.

Dolores A. Walker and Delores A. Craven to Nelson W. Walker Jr. and Nelson W. Walker.


Katherine M. Bowles and Michael L. Bowles to Nicholas Light.

Christopher E. Flood to Shannon J. Whitehead and Shannon J. Flood.


Downeast Credit Union to Bobbi Burson and Myron Richard Burson.


Five Hundred Pine Realty LLC. And 500 Pine Realty LLC. To Fred J. Cameron Sr.

Mark Stanley Swiderek and Bonnie J. Swiderek to Mark & Bonnie Swiderek Joint Revocable Trust.


Robert P. Small, Laurel L. Small, and Robert P. Small Jr. to Evi Adrienne Spindler and Michael S. Skolones.


Jeremy A. Moulton to Jay A. Merchant and Wendy F. Merchant.


Barbara Pulaski to William Elyett.

Elizabeth Marth to William Elyett.

Virginia Adamczyk to William Elyett.

Lorraine Barnes to Jill A. Barnes.


Charlene J. Grotton to Charlene J. Grotton and Derek Wilson.

Blaine A. McCormick Trust to Emily Rose McCormick.

Michael P. Mesaric to Donna L. Mesaric.


Shirley H. Grover to Hilary Grover.

Darrah Wagner to Charlie Porter.