A three-vehicle crash at the intersection of Main Street and Starrett Drive that occurred Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 11, left one man hurt and all three vehicles damaged.

According to the accident report from the Belfast Police Department, the crash occurred at about 12:20 p.m.

The first driver, 36-year-old Holly Walsh of Brooks, was stopped at the traffic light in a 1998 Subaru in the moments before the crash. The second driver involved, 36-year-old Christopher C. Wiley of Northport, was stopped and waiting to pull out of Auto Zone when the driver of an unidentified vehicle who was waiting to turn left into the Auto Zone lot motioned Wiley to proceed into traffic.

Wiley, who was driving a 2009 Chevrolet, started turning left but he pulled into the path of an oncoming 1988 Chevrolet pickup that was being driven by 54-year-old Robert Mercer of Searsport. Mercier was headed east in the right turn lane, according to the crash report.

After Wiley's vehicle collided with Mercier's truck, the impact caused Mercier to lose control and he struck Walsh's vehicle as it was stopped at the intersection.

Walsh, Wiley, and Wiley's passenger, 68-year-old Charles Wiley all escaped the crash without injury. Belfast Ambulance attendants responded to the scene to treat Mercier, who complained of pain in his neck after the crash.