The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Feb. 17 and Feb. 24, 2014.


Elizabeth K. Baker to Thomas C. Bennett and Marilyn M. Bennett.

Donald R. Heald and Donald R. Heald Jr. to Holmes Mill Company.

Sharon A. Goguen to Sharon A. Goguen Living Trust.

Carolyn S. Jolin to Carolyn S. Join Revocable Living Trust Agreement.

Karna B. Olsen Living Trust to John L. Richards Sr. and Sheryl A. Richards.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, James E. Greeley and Rachael S. Greeley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.


Denise R. Turner to Rena F. Eliassen and John C. Eliassen.


Jebba Handley and Nina Mortellito to Vivienne E. Larmor.

Rotondi Family Trust to Ramona B. Larsen and Simon D. Larsen.

Johnson Family Farm Trust to Robyn L. Tarantino and Rita J. Kennedy.

Rita J. Kennedy to Robyn L. Tarantino.

Robyn L. Tarantino to Robyn L. Tarantino and Timothy P. Guilfoyle.

Federal National Mortgage Association to David Wentworth, Douglas Wentworth and Matthew Bixby.


Robert Kandur and MaryLou Kandur to Geoffrey Gilchrist and Abigail Gilchrist.


Roger E. Libby and Edward B. Thorbjornson to Edward B. Thorbjornson and Roger E. Libby.


Hugh Littlefield and Margaret Littlefield to Hugh Littlefield.

Rodney P. Rodrigue and Marion P. Rodrigue to Francis Plessner, Andrew Plessner and Stefan Plessner.


Ruth A. Keating to Thomas A. Keating and Stacen A. Keating.

Joanne M. Powell and Robert Powell to Joanne M. Powell.


Michelle C. Ashey and Michelle Costigan Jerome to Michelle Costigan Jerome and Clyde H. Jerome.


Novastar Mortage Funding Trust to Eric Hill.

Angela D. Nevells to Preston L. Seekins Jr., Dennis W. Seekins, Peter C. Seekins and Diane L. Gilmore.

Christine E. Cueno to Ronald Lareau.


Town of Stockton Springs to Katherine Charland.


Jeffrey Alan Gibbs and Jeffrey Alan Mitchell to Dyllen Wayne Gibbs.


Charles F. Andrews Est to Rita M. Andrews.