A Maine State Prison inmate who police say died as the result of multiple stab wounds at the hands of a fellow inmate was serving a sentence for gross sexual assault that was imposed at the conclusion of a 2008 trial at Waldo County Superior Court.

In a press release, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland stated detectives with the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit had been working with prison officials since Friday evening, Feb. 28, investigating the circumstances of the death of 37-year-old Micah Boland. After an autopsy on Boland's body was completed, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner classified Boland's death a homicide, with McCausland further stating Boland died as the result of multiple stab wounds at the hands of another inmate.

Maine’s Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Mark Flomenbaum, completed the autopsy on Boland over the weekend and concluded he died as a result of 87 discrete stab wounds "of the face, neck, and torso with extensive hemorrhage and blunt impact of head with bone fractures and brain injury.”

Boland was also "hog tied," Flomenbaum stated in a chain of emails that was forwarded to statewide media outlets Tuesday afternoon, March 4.

"Detectives believe Richard Stahursky, 35, is responsible for Boland’s death," McCausland stated in a press release. "There is more work on the case, but after consulting with the Attorney General’s Office, we anticipate Stahursky will be charged with murder early next week."

Stahursky was serving multiple sentences for a number of convictions and was officially charged with murder March 4.

Boland was serving six years of a 22-year sentence on a charge of gross sexual assault, a case that originated in Waldo County, according to previously published reports. Boland was charged with the offense in March 2007 after he confessed to police that he had sexual contact with a 4-year-old girl left in his care while he stayed with her family in Liberty. In August 2008, Justice Jeffrey Hjelm ordered Boland to serve that sentence, followed by a lifetime of probation. Boland was convicted after a jury-waived trial.

Boland was the first person in Maine to be sentenced under Jessica's Law after a trial. In 2006, the Maine Legislature enacted sentencing guidelines under Jessica's Law, which makes 20 years the base sentence for people convicted of sex crimes against children younger than 12 years of age.

The sentence may be raised or lowered depending on several factors, including the sex offender's background and criminal history and the impact of the crime on victims and their families.

While other people had previously been sentenced in Maine under Jessica's Law, those sentences came after plea agreements. Boland's sentencing was the first to come after a trial.

Following the trial, Boland appealed his case to the state's high court. In March 2009, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court denied Boland's appeal for several reasons.

Boland contended that some of his statements to police should not have been used at his trial because he was not advised of his Miranda rights, which instruct a person that s/he has a right to consult with an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning.

"Contrary to Boland's contention, the court did not err in denying his motion to suppress statements he made during two police interviews, because the record supports the court's determination that (1) he was not in custody when questioned without Miranda warnings being administered, and (2) he made the statements at issue voluntarily," stated the decision. " … Because Boland was not in custody when questioned, his Fifth Amendment right to counsel did not attach."

Boland also contended the victim, who was 5 at the time of the trial, was not a competent witness. And Boland also took issue with the fact that the victim's age was a factor considered at his sentencing.

"Also contrary to Boland's assertions, the trial court did not clearly err in finding the 5-year-old victim to be a competent witness … Nor did it err in considering the victim's age as an aggravating factor at sentencing," the decision stated.

The autopsy determined Boland died from multiple stab wounds, but no other information is being released on the cause of death or where in the prison the stabbing took place.