This winter edition is dedicated to Mr. Dan Horton, the most awesome substitute teacher in the world! We think he is special because he's funny and he always brings math games and his ukelele with him when he comes to our class. Dan is also a tutor in the After School Program and has taught most of the parents of the students in our school.

Snow Days

By Gideon

Winter days make me feel all happy and bright.

Snow falling on the frozen ground

piles up around me.

Making snowballs and snowmen

is very playful and fun.

Being outside when it's zero degrees

makes me feel like a block of ice.

It doesn't matter how cold it gets

because my goose down jacket keeps me toasty.

Once it hits that final moment

and it becomes too cold for me to survive,

I go inside my house.

My dog, Tucker, jumps up on me at the door

because he wants to play.

My mom heats up apple cider

and gives it to me in a mug.

I love snow days because they make me feel cozy.

Snow Outside

By Jayden

The snow outside is delightful

because you can go ice sledding.

Ice sledding is when you find a snowy and icy spot

and take a flying saucer.

Then you go on the small snowbank.

When you get on the ice you go round

and round and round.

I love staying home when there's a snow day

because I get to lay beside my dog, Hunter,

on his new bed and blanket.

Sometimes he lays on my chest.

I love it when he does that.

It makes me feel so warm.

I wish he was here right now!

About Winter

By Randy

On a snowy day

when I throw the snowball to my dog

all my other animals go after it.

After I go inside my house

my dad makes hot cocoa

for my brother and me.

The marshmallows taste squishy and good.

Pat gives my dogs a little treat too.

Then I play Monster University

on my InnoTab 3.

Winter is fun!

Snowy Day

By Cameron

I like to drink hot cocoa.

It is yummy!

I like to have no school

when there's a blizzard.

I like to build a Lego city

with my Dad.

I like it when the power goes out

because I scare my Mom

with my Dracula costume.

When it's a cold day

My kitty cuddles up

close to my face and purrs.

Snowy days make me happy.


By Jazmyn

In the winter I play a game

with my pug, Duke.

I play Ice Man and Snow Man.

I throw snowballs at him!

He is the Snow Man bad guy.

I'm the Ice Man.

I am the good guy.

I pretend my backpack is ice

and I pretend to throw it at him.

Playing with Duke in the winter

is FUN!

I Detest Snow!

By Damian

I detest snow!

I detest snow!

I like to stay in the house.

Oh, I am not a snow person.

I'd rather be in Texas.

Winter is Fun!

By Connor

Outside in my yard I built a snow castle.

My dog ran into it through the door

and tried to climb the snow stairs

but the castle caved in on him!

He could have gotten hurt

because I put four metal buckets

on the top of my castle.

Diezel probably smelled the chicken

that I put in the tower.

My dog ran back and found the drumsticks.

I was going to eat them but he got them first.

In my bedroom

I have a new game and you get to build things.

I made a dog out of snow.

The game is on my iPod.

Cozy Blanket

By Kiya

I love winter!

When we go outside to play

my dog Kida runs after us!

My sister throws snow at me

and I throw it back at her.

We have fun in the winter.

When my sister Alayna and I

go inside on a winter day

Mommy makes us hot cocoa.

I put on my Monster High bathrobe

and my sister gets her unicorn pillow pack.

Then we snuggle up in cozy blankets

and watch The Snow Queen together.

We have fun in the winter!


By Kristin

I love ice skating.

I skate with my Dad.

This winter at school

we are going to go ice skating.

You can do figure eights

and you can spin too.

I wish I had on my ice skates!

When we go back to school

I am going to sip hot cocoa

and cuddle with my teddy bear

and read a book.

It is fun to go ice skating.

Winter Wheels

By Sylis

My Mom's van is as white as the snow.

When it's snowing and blowing

her car slips and slides

on the icy road.

The wheels are moving slowly.

My sister Sabrina sits in the last seat

in the back listening to the radio.

I like to sit in the front next to Mom

because there's a switch that turns the seat heat high and low.

Sometimes we drive to The Dollar Tree

in our family van to buy special treats.

The wheels on the van go round and round

all the way back home.

Winter Favorites

By Anthony

My favorite thing to do in the winter

is going inside and watching TV with my brothers and my Mom.

Sometimes I take my bed out

and we all sleep in the living room together.

I like to go outside at recess because my friends help

me dig tunnels, slides, and snow chairs.

Sometimes my fingers feel frozen

but I don't really care because it's fun to play outside in the winter.