When murder suspect Richard Stahursky appeared before a corrections officer holding shanks in bloody hands, he told her he needed to be cuffed, according to an affidavit filed in Knox County Superior Court.

Stahursky, 35, was arrested and charged March 4 with the February murder of fellow inmate Micah Boland, 37.

Stahursky is serving multiple sentences for a number of convictions including elevated aggravated assault, and aggravated assault for attacking other inmates with makeshift knives. He was also convicted of arson, and assaulting an officer. His earliest possible release date was November 2032, according to the Department of Corrections website.

Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Mark Flomenbaum said Boland died from multiple stab wounds to his face, neck and torso, with extensive hemorrhage and blunt impact of the head, causing bone fractures and brain injury, according to a press release from state police spokesperson Steve McCausland.

According to a report filed by Detective Jason Andrews, Stahursky is a vocal and opinionated person, who often spoke about how he hated sex offenders. Boland was a convicted sex offender serving 22 years for gross sexual assault against a 4-year-old victim. He had served six years of the sentence at the time of his death.

Boland was pronounced dead Feb 28 at 4:39 p.m. after attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, said the affidavit.

Stahursky was interviewed that night and said he attacked Boland because he thought Boland had fabricated accusations that got him fired from his job as a hallway worker. He was accused of passing items from pod to pod, he told Andrews.

He said when he confronted Boland, the victim admitted to spreading rumors about him, causing Stahursky to punch him and then kick him once he fell to the ground. He also tied Boland's hands, said the report.

Once Boland began fighting back, Stahursky stabbed him "at least three times," but he told Andrews he blacked out and did not know how many times he struck Boland with the knife.

Stahursky told Andrews he was not defending himself and did not need to defend himself against Boland.

"I am guilty of this, yeah, absolutely," Stahursky told police. He said he did not intend to kill Boland, but said "I get stupid sometimes when I have a knife in my hand."

Stahursky said he is prescribed a mood stabilizer but that he was not taking it.

During a search of Stahursky's room, investigators found a list with five names on it, including Boland's. The victim's name had been scratched out.

Stahursky will make an initial appearance in Knox County Superior Court March 6 on a charge of murder.