The city of Belfast is looking to attract a private entity to the area to build a structure to accommodate commercial and industrial businesses with access to a shared loading dock.

Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge said the city could issue a Request for Proposals from potential developers to build what he referred to as a “cargo incubator.” The structure would be at least 8,000 square feet and could accommodate both commercial and industrial businesses with shared access to a loading dock.

Kittredge said the structure could be located in the Airport Business Park and the city would be willing to provide one or two of the remaining lots in the park to the developer at no cost.

There are five lots available along Little River Drive in the Business Park that range in size from 1.67 acres to 2.66 acres, according to a memorandum to councilors from Kittredge. The lots have access to three-phase electrical power, municipal sewer and water, the memo states.

Kittredge noted in the memo the Airport Business Park possesses a permit that eliminates the need for additional permits from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, as long as certain criteria are met. That means most of the allowed uses in the park require only Code Enforcement Officer review and not Planning Board review.

He noted there are certain deed restrictions and additional requirements to comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

A proposal from a developer would include information relating to the description of the structure that would be built, including the layout and all amenities; evidence the developer has the financial ability to construct the building; the marketing plan or strategy for bringing in tenants, as well as what type of business would be targeted; and a timeline for construction and implementation.

Councilor Roger Lee commented the city has been willing to offer economic incentives in the past to attract such a developer and it may be necessary to increase those incentives.

During further discussion, Councilor Mike Hurley said he had learned of a few small businesses that were looking for space similar to what the city is hoping to have developed in the Business Park.

Proposals will be due 90 days from the posting of the RFP and should be submitted to Thomas Kittredge, Economic Develop Director, city of Belfast, via mail ( City of Belfast, 131 Church Street, Belfast, Maine, 04915) or via email ( Questions regarding the RFP can be directed to Kittredge via email or by phone (207-338-3370 ext. 16).