Police have charged a Knox woman with assault after an alleged ongoing issue with a co-worker at a Belfast business escalated to a physical confrontation.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said Danielle Wood, 31, incurred the assault charge after the alleged confrontation, which occurred after Wood filed a complaint with the human resources department at her place of employment, Penobscot McCrum.

Cunningham said Wood filed the complaint on the assault victim, alleging the woman had been "making advances" toward her and further stated she wanted it to stop.

Later in the day, as the alleged victim was leaving the job site just after 4 p.m., Wood apparently took the situation into her own hands.

"When the victim walked up over the steps, she was met by Danelle [Wood]," said Cunningham. Cunningham said that was when police believe Wood assaulted the woman.

The woman was not seriously injured as a result, and Cunnigham said she did not require medical attention.

Wood is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, June 3.