A 19-year-old man from Winterport is facing several charges after police say he grabbed a woman by the throat during an argument and then fled the residence with a two-year-old just after 2 a.m. Wednesday, March 12.

Deputies with the Waldo County Sheriff's Office arrested Stephen Hoffman on charges of domestic violence assault, domestic violence terrorizing and operating without a license after police responded to the alleged victim's call for help.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said Hoffman and the woman were arguing over a relationship-related issue when Hoffman allegedly became upset.

"He ended up choking her, and then he grabbed the two-year-old and left," said Trafton.

Trafton said Hoffman had returned to the home, along with the child, by the time deputies arrived on scene.

After speaking with both Hoffman and the alleged victim, Trafton said the officers determined Hoffman was the primary aggressor and placed him under arrest.

Trafton said the child was not hurt in the incident, and that while the woman had some marks on her neck, the incident report did not state she required any medical attention.

Hoffman is scheduled to appear at 5th District Court Tuesday, April 8.