Jackson residents met March 15 for their annual town meeting at which they elected Jim Dickson to a 3-year term on the Board of Selectmen.

Voters agreed to allow the selectmen to enter into an agreement with Habitat for Humanity for the sale of a tax foreclosed property located on Hatch Road if the selectmen consider it in the best interest of the Town.

Voters enacted a new Building Notification Ordinance established to promote the fair assessment of real property taxes for property by requiring a notification for defined changes to existing dwellings or structures, or the construction of new dwellings and structures, as defined in the new Ordinance. And voters repealed the permit fees for Residential Buildings that was established back in 2004,

All budget articles passed with an increase to a few of them. Voters added $150 appropriation for the Game Loft and increased the Fire Chief Stipend to $2,000.


Jim Dickson and Don Nickerson were nominated for the select board post vacated by Debbie Ludden. Voters elected Jim Dickson 71 to 65. Nickerson was elected to the post of Fire Chief and Don Nickerson Jr. to the post of EMA Director. Jim Dennison will serve the post of Road Commissioner until the Select Board assumes the post as the town voted to allow the Select Board to serve as a Board of Road Commissioners beginning at the next annual town meeting in 2015 or once 90 days have passed since approved, the Select Board can hold a special meeting to enact the new policy.