Police are urging the public, particularly businesspeople and those who work in schools, to be aware of a possible fundraising scam believed to be perpetuated by an outfit based in Texas, according to an alert issued to local media outlets from the Belfast Police Department.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said he received a complaint of a possible scam involving a fundraiser for Troy Howard Middle School. The company doing the fundraising, he said, is identified as All School Fundraising out of San Antonio, Texas.

"After doing some checking, I found that no one authorized to sign a contract for such fundraising has done so," stated Cunnigham in an email to The Republican Journal Thursday afternoon, March 20. "They target businesses for the fundraising."

Cunningham said a similar incident occurred in 2008 involving a different out-of-state fundraising company, which also had no authorization for this activity.

"Any businesses contacted are encouraged to decline giving any information to them, or making any purchases," stated Cunningham.