The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 17 and March. 21, 2014.


Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Kelli Bucklin and Allen Bucklin.

Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Judith Dinsmore and Gene Dinsmore.

Karen Y. Nardone and Karen Y. Collins to Carl L. Coolins and Karen Y. Coolins.

Clayton A. Hand to Martha L. Keley and Mark A. Keley.

Sandra C. Holmes and Sandra C. Evans to Eldon E. Lenfest Jr.


Travis M. Haber to Benjamin Dunham.


John F. Stetson and Carole H. Stetson to Michael F. Cyr and Deborah R. Cyr.


Jeanne H. Wagner and Donald Wilson Wagner to Donald William Wagner, Eric T. Wager and John H. Wagner.


Georgina Morris to Mark Clayton.


Todd A. Kienow, First Horizon Home Loans, and Rita L. Kienow to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Special Needs Trust, Robert K. Plaut Sr. Est, and Christine Trippleman Trust to Christine Trippleman.


Rowena E. Kinney Est to Leroy E. Sheldon, Steven H. Sheldon, Timothy M. Sheldon, Elizabeth Candis Scribner, Karland H. Smalley, and Sonja I. Voss.


Northport Village Corporation to Gordon B. Fuller.

Northport Village Corporation to Emerson L. Smith, Elaine M. Schmitt, and Bruce E. Smith.

Thomas C. Olds and Allison M. Olds to Philip Pascarella II.

Charles W. Lerette and Cynthia A. Lerette to Lerette Trust.


First NA to Brijen M. Kastberg.

David Wadsworth and Edna Mae O. Wadsworth to Kevin M. Stupca and Karin K. Whitney.


Robert L. Sanborn and Priscilla A. Sanborn to Joyce M. Doliber.

Lawrence E. Reynolds and Mary M. Dehn-Reynolds to Amy R. Jewett.

MG Properties LLC to Belfast Area Apartments LLC.


Margaret Laing and Dirk A Lecesne to Dirk A. Lecesne, Margaret Laing and David Laing.


David F. Hauk and Patti Fry to Lynn M. Doubleday and William A. Hauk.

Bruce Chipman, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, and Kelly J. Chipman to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Meccasue Simmons to Chad Pouliot and Holly Mercier.

Caroll Palmer and Jacob A. Palmer III to Scott D. Bellerose and Kimberly B. Bellerose.


Joseph A. Lucey Jr. to Joseph A. Lucey Jr. and Martha Ann Lucey.