The annual Rockland Recreation Department's Boys Invitational Basketball Tournament is set to tip off Friday, March 28, with seven teams vying to net the coveted championship trophy.

Teams from Mount View of Thorndike, Thomaston Thrashers, Medomak 5/6, Windjammers 5/6, Boothbay YMCA, Georges River Buccaneers, Medomak Valley and host Rockland will participate in the tourney, which will begin at 6 p.m. Friday night and will culminate with the championship game on Sunday, March 30 at 12:45 p.m., with an “if necessary” game to follow.

All games will be played at the Rockland Recreation Center at the Rockland Community Building on Limerock Street.

Two games will be played Friday, eight games Saturday and at least four, but potentially five games Sunday.

The event is a double-elimination tournament and will consist of four six-minute quarters, with overtimes slated for three minutes each. If a team leads by more than 20 points during a game fullcourt defensive pressure will be disallowed.

At 12:45 p.m. Saturday skills competitions will take place, including a 3-point shootout, a passing skills competition, a three-person team hot shot competition and a foul-shooting competition.

The tournament's first four games include:

Friday — Rockland versus Medomak Valley, 6 p.m.; and Windjammers 5/6 versus Georges River Buccaneers at 7:15 p.m.

Saturday — Medomak 5/6 versus Thomaston Thrashers, 9 a.m.; and Boothbay YMCA and Mount View, 10:15 a.m.

The boys team rosters for the March 28-30 tourney include:

Rockland — Aaron Benner, Cameron Kingsbury, Carson Murphy, Drew Minery, Evan Wilson, Everett Allyn, Hunter Hoppe, Jake Paulsen, Jude Forti, Karl Ilvonen, Nicholas Banda and Zachary Healey. The team is coached by John Murphy, Dan Kingsbury and Dave Banda.

Medomak 5/6 travel — Anthony York, Parker Morrison, Jonah Miller, Jordan Powell, Jake Bickmore, Brandon Starr, Aiden Starr, Ethan Reed, Gabe Allaire and Connor Simmons. The team is coached by Skip Starr.

Boothbay YMCA — Kaleb Ames, Kaeden Ames, Chris Hamblett, Ben Pearce, Sullivan Rice, Colby Babcock, Steven Bennett, Hunter Crocker, Michael Cusumano, Michael Hallowell, Dwight Lucas, Nick Morley and Will Perkins. The team is coached by Matt Rice and Tim Rice.

Windjammers 5/6 — Jacob Knowlton, Jeremy Fraser, Joshua Pearce, Casey Messer, Noah Reddy, Sam Conlan, Sam Hanson, Ivan Young, Owen Markowitz, Simon Polk and Simon Polk and Skye Abaldo. The team is coached by Marty Messer and Taylor Gartley.

Medomak Valley — Andrew Pruell, Nathan Andrick, Michael Simmons, Trevor Hynd, Zach Cheesman, Zach Winpenny, Harley Porter, Garrett Overlock, Noah Crosby, Kallon Mortensen, Max Moody and Adam Berry. The team is coached by Ryan Jackson and Aaron Cheesman.

Thomaston — Jordan Lawrence, Aidan Munro, Elliot Lucier, James Day, Juston Hurley, Colton Robinson, Christian Weed, Finnegan Lynch, Austin Pogano and Alex Bartlett. The team is coached by Jared Porter and Ren Porter.

Mount View — Brennan Grant, Trevor Bryant, Kyle Ingraham, Garett Smith, Atlas Hubbard, Seth Basford, Taylor Turner, Brody Moulton and Colby Ingraham. The team is coached by Mike Grant and Rollie Hubbard.

Georges River Buccaneers — Nathan Coombs, Zack Upham, Ben Poland, Dustin Glidden, Matthew Spear, Brayden Hyatt, Nick Jones, Owen Underhill, Alan Grindle, Sam Vose and Sammy Collins. The team is coached by Kris Vose.