Waldo’s annual town meeting began promptly at 9:30 a.m. with the appointment of Walter Whitcomb as moderator. Following that, town officers gave their reports for the past municipal year.

Next, voters chose Kathy Littlefield as first selectman for a term expiring in 2017. Also, Sandra Smith was again elected as town clerk, tax collector and excise  tax collector; Kelly Jacobs was elected treasurer and Jacob Hepner was chosen as fire chief. Alvin Winslow was again appointed road commissioner; Alphonzo “Tom” Wagner was elected emergency management director and Walter S. Wagner and Scott MacLeod were elected as planning board members.

No one ran for the position of animal control officer and consequently, the office remains open. Selectmen will oversee responsibilities for that position until such time as someone volunteers or the selectmen appoint someone. Also, the position of associate planning board member went unfilled, and the task of finding someone to fill that position devolved upon the selectmen. This may later require a special town meeting.

Voters chose to keep salaries for town officers the same as last year.

Next, Waldo residents passed line item suggested amounts for town accounts as printed in the town warrant. Minimal discussion was involved in passing these line items, except that first selectman Kathy Littlefield explained how the decision to place a $0 amount on several line items was reached. The faltering economy has hit Waldo and other towns hard, Littlefield said, and as a result, a number of foreclosures have taken place in town. Also, people are having difficulty paying their taxes and tax liens are being placed on properties. Because of this, Littlefield said, the selectmen did their best to keep the budget as low as possible while at the same time reserving a level of security in case of unexpected budget demands.

Waldo voters whittled down social service agency requests. New Hope For Women was awarded $250 rather than the $495 they had requested; the dollar amount awarded to Waldo Community Action Partners was lowered to $2,500 from the original requested $3,020; Belfast Area Children’s Center and Starrett Children’s Center had collectively asked for $500 but were given $0; and Broadreach Family and Community Services was awarded $0 rather than the $300 it had requested.

Residents agreed to award Central Maine Agency on Aging (Senior Spectrum) $225 and also appropriated $500 for the Rena Whitney Scholarship Fund.

The meeting adjourned at 11:49 a.m.