Good men, good soldiers

Russian soldiers are the same as American soldiers; they believe, they bleed and they belong. In 1989 I was privileged to be at a meeting between two Russian Army veterans of the Russian-Afghanistan War (1980-1989) and a half a dozen of Veterans for Peace. The Russian veterans were quietly in America meeting with American veterans on a mission for peace. They were both very weary for their safety, which we all protected with discretion, and they were brave in their conviction. I was very impressed. They were speaking out for peace in dangerous times of war which takes courage and deserves admiration.

They told us that in their motherland Russia, the Afghanistan War veteran was scorned and treated as a "leper" for having lost the war and for having become addicted to the main crop of the Afghanistan farmer, opium and processed heroin. These veterans were called with distain: "Afghanzi."

These were good men and no doubt good soldiers. They came to believe that war is not the answer, may peace prevail in these dangerous times.

P.S. I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.

Patrick Quinn


Seeking answers

Waldo County General Hospital has announced that Executive Director Mark Biscone will be administering at Penobscot Bay Medical Center three days a week for the next six months. We have been assured that the executive director's absence from WCGH will have no negative effect on the delivery of healthcare services.

The quality awards WCGH has earned are a testament to Mr. Biscone's leadership. He has applied his intelligence, energy and commitment in creative ways to guide WCGH through economically troubled times. To balance WCGH's budget Mr. Biscone has skillfully reorganized some departments, provided comprehensive training, and introduced innovative programs. Reducing or eliminating positions has been painful.

I'm puzzled. If Mr. Biscone can provide award-winning leadership working only two days a week, what has he been doing the other three days? If his leadership won't be missed during the three days, why hasn't Mr. Biscone recommended that the executive director position be reduced to two days a week? How can a full-time position be justified? Could Mr. Biscone take a minute from his busy schedule to help me with this? Thanks.

Charlie Gradie


A really bad idea

Extra expansion of dredging, that will destroy the fishery, just to accommodate larger ships is a really bad idea. This expansion dredging would be done, in part, for the purpose of increasing Searsport's chances of being picked as the port choice for exporting flaming train loads of climate destroying western tar sand oil.

A. Hoglund