The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 22 and March. 31, 2014.


John D. Bielenberg and Deanna L. Bielenberg to Deanna L. Bielenberg.

Loancare to United States of America-HUD.

David T. Gelinas to Helen Kay Zegel.

Wolcott Family Revocable Trust to Betsy Reed.


Travis M. Haber to Benjamin Dunham.


Peter F. Gerrity to Kennebec Lumber Company.


Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust to Leroy Slagle and Cathleen Slagle.


David H. Brock to Brock Living Trust.

Elizabeth Brock to Brock Living Trust.


Jeanne H. Wagner and Donald Wilson Wagner to Donald William Wagner, Eric T. Wagner and John H. Wagner.


Kevin P. Daly and Marshal J. Daly to Michael J. Daly and Gretchen Daly.


John F. Stetson and Carole H. Stetson to Michael F. Cyr and Deborah R. Cyr.

Debra M. Paul and George E. Paul to Paul E. George, Debra M. Paul and Adam P. Paul.

Arlene Provost and Arlene M. Provost to Albert C. Poirier.


Georgina Morris to Mark Clayton.

Blair Einstein, Frederick Blair Einstein and Maureen Einstein to Maureen Einstein and Frederick Blair Einstein.

Jeffrey F. Brawn and Robin Y. Brawn to Misa LaChance.

Bradford C. Payne to Cynthia Payne McNeil.

Bradford C. Payne to Thomas J. McNeil.

Thomas J. McNeil to Cynthia Payne McNeil.

Bradford C. Payne to Bradford C. PayneII.

Bradford C. Payne to Christine Payne Ayers.

Christine Payne Ayers to Bradford C. Payne II.

Bradford C. Payne, Cynthia Payne McNeil, and Bradford C. Payne II to Bay Meadows LLC.

Donald L. Pearse EST to Shanan L. Pearse.

Donald L. Pearse Est. to Leland Pearse.

Donald L. Pearse Est to Dennis Crosby Pearse.


Scott C. Armstrong to Paul McCarthy.


Rowena E. Kinney Est to Leroy E. Sheldon Jr, Stephen H. Sheldon, Timothy M. Sheldon, Elizabeth Candis Scribner, Karland H. Smalley and Sonja J. Voss.


Northport Village Corporation to Gordon B. Fuller.

Northport Village Corporation to Emerson L. Smith, Elaine M. Schmitt and Bruce E. Smith.

Thomas C. Olds and Allison M. Olds to Philip Pascarella II.

Daniel I. Small Jr. to Daniel I. Small Jr. and Sheryl L. Small.

Wendell G. Corey II to Sonia A. Koenig.

HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust 2006-HE2 to Angela Lyford.

Edith Allen and Frederick Allen to Theresa Rossi and Salvatore Rossi Jr.


Sandra Gillis and Sandra Molloy to William J. Gillis.

Wayne C. Lehning, Bethany Perry and Bethany R. Lehning to Jeffrey S. Plummer and Angela L. Plummer.


Danielle M. Wells and Danielle M. Freeman to Edward J. Wancus Jr. and Linda E. Wancus.


Robert L. Sanborn and Priscila A. Sanborn to Joyce M. Dolliber.

Lawrence E. Reynolds and Mary M. Dehn-Reynolds to Amy R. Jewett.

Raymond R. Andrei and Betty J. Andrei to Raymond R. Andrei.

Donald S. Clark and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA.


Kelsey Parsons Rose Liversidge to Alexander Liversidge.

Randy Dondero and TD Bank NA to TD Bank NA.

Mark Thomas and Lori Thomas to Patrica A. Fraser and Brent R. Fraser.

Jay Drinkwater to Jacqueline Carey and Todd Carey.

Deborah May Lawhorne Est to Jonathan Reid Bryant and Tracie Lynn Bryant.


David F. Hauk and Patty Fry to Lynn M. Doubleday and William A. Hauk.

Bruce Chipman, Nationstar Mortgage LLC and and Kelly J. Chipman to Federal National Mortgage Association.

E D Bessey & Son to Belfast Water District.


Todd A. Converse to Matthew A. Converse.

William L. Johnson and Linda J. Johnson to Travis Johnson.

Travis Johnson to Travis Johnson and Katie Johnson.


Robert L. Andrews Family Trust to Crystal Lee Andrews.


Joseph A. Lucey Jr. to Joseph A. Lucey Jr. and Martha Ann Lucey.


Carol L. Palmer and Jacob A. Palmer II to Scott D. Bellerose and Kimberly B. Bellerose.

Kimberly J. Juskevice to Kathleen A. Kendell and Leslie A. Kendell.


Joseph A. Lucey Jr. to Joseph A. Lucey Jr. and Martha Ann Lucey.


Justin P. Qualey and Keeley J. Qualey to Lynn Marie Wyman.