A Searsport youth will likely think twice before going off-road with his Subaru again after a series of events that began Thursday night, March 27, when police say he drove it on an unpaved woods road alongside a blueberry field and ended up stuck in the mud.

Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said the driver, a juvenile, was traveling on Brock Road Thursday night when he came upon the blueberry field, which has an unpaved woods road alongside it that is designed to make way for special equipment and other vehicles to access the field during harvest time.

"Thursday night this juvenile decides to trek through there in his Subaru," said LaHaye.

The woods road extends from Brock Road over to Campground Road, and LaHaye said surprisingly, the youth managed to get his vehicle to a location just off the latter road when his car became stuck in the mud. After attempting to dislodge the vehicle on his own, LaHaye said the youth left the vehicle there overnight.

In the meantime, LaHaye said, a nearby homeowner on Campground Road called police Friday and reported the vehicle was abandoned.

"So we had the vehicle towed," said LaHaye.

Later in the day, LaHaye said police got another call, and this one was from the juvenile driver.

"He had panicked, because he had made his own arrangements to have the vehicle towed, and then we got there first," said LaHaye. "He was calling us to report it stolen."

LaHaye said the situation ended well, but expressed concern that the youth could have easily lost control of the vehicle during the course of his adventure, as the woods road was a combination of wet snow, slush and mud.

"He was very lucky," said LaHaye.