Manhattan College men’s basketball head coach Steve Masiello was set to join the University of South Florida in the same role; contract terms were agreed to, his Manhattan players were informed, and I am sure he even started checking places to live in the Tampa area.

That is, until his past caught up with him.

As it has already been reported numerous times, Masiello is no longer being considered by USF officials — in fact, his contract agreement has been tossed out the window — after the university learned he lied on his resume. Apparently, Masiello stated on his resume he is a 2000 graduate of the University of Kentucky, however, he never actually graduated with a degree from Kentucky — or any institution for that matter.

But let us be serious. Aside from him lying pretty much to the school officials at USF, Manhattan and Louisville (where he was an assistant back in the day) — why shouldn’t he be getting the USF job? Why should he be in jeopardy of losing his job at Manhattan?

What does a degree show a coach can do? So if Masiello graduated with a degree in communications from Kentucky like he intended to, that makes him a good basketball coach because he can talk to people exceptionally?

So does that mean if John Calipari exits as the University of Kentucky head basketball coach, he could be turned down by a university because he has a bachelor’s degree in marketing? Because what does marketing have to do with being a head coach? No. Calipari will be given a head coaching job because he is one of the best basketball coaches out there.

Now, if you told me that Masiello did not have a degree in coaching, then, yes, that could be a reason to not give him a job, but last time I checked, that was not a requirement anywhere. Let alone a major at any university that I’m aware of.

Perhaps you are one of those people who say that since Masiello lied to administrators he should not get the job. If so, then why aren’t you preaching on the street corners that Ryan Braun should be fired from his job as a baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers for lying to Major League Baseball?

It is the same thing. A lie is a lie no matter if it is on a resume, or to someone in authority over you.

If having a degree is such an important factor, then USF — why don’t you just hire Masiello and require him to complete his communications degree at your university during the offseason? Perhaps state that instead of getting a five-year, $1 million a year deal, you renegotiate a contract because he lied.

I mean, Braun lied about using performance-enhancing drugs and all he got was a suspension that was not all that significant and mighty compared to other punishments MLB has handed down in the past.

An even better example is found in the case of Eddie Jordan of Rutgers who got the school’s men’s basketball head coaching job despite not having a degree, which was a requirement of the university, per Deadspin.

According to the website, Jordan failed to get an undergraduate degree from Rutgers, however, it was listed on the school’s biography page for Jordan that he did graduate from that university with an undergraduate degree.

Rutgers has kept Jordan as the head coach and he is actively obtaining his degree, according to Deadspin. The team went 12-21 this past season and lost a 92-31 decision to Louisville in the American Athletic Conference Tournament quarterfinals after slipping past South Florida 72-68 in the opening round.

Manhattan has put Masiello on leave while the entire mess gets straightened out, but if Masiello is not brought back — I hope it is because he has accepted a job elsewhere because, if Rutgers can allow a coach to finish obtaining a degree and still keep the job he got under false pretenses, then Manhattan College should be able to do the same.

George Harvey, an intern for Courier Publications, lives in Coral Springs, Fla., except in the summer, when he resides in Warren. The Coral Springs Christian School junior has had a passion for sports journalism since a young age. He can be reached by email at